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Sound Masking & Acoustic Treatments



Sound masking, also known as sound proofing, helps contain sound in a room and prevents exterior noise from entering the room as well. Whether or not you need sound proofing will depend in part on the structure of your home. Older homes, or properties that have not been properly insulated, may require sound masking to ensure the integrity of the audio in your media room or home theater. Sound masking also helps seal in the noise so as to not disturb family members in adjacent rooms or nearby neighbors. Additionally, acoustic treatments help maintain the quality of the sound in the room by preventing echoes and reverberations off of walls. With this special service, our number one goal is to create the perfect environment for you to listen to amazing audio, as well as not rock the house literally by blasting people with high volume.

Our sound masking and acoustic treatments include:

Absorption Panels – These panels provide sound control and are used to manage the reverberations in all kinds of rooms, helping you maximize the acoustic performance of the space. These come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to fit the unique parameters of the room.

Diffusion Panels – When you design a dedicated home theater or a listening room, you need a combination of absorption and diffusion panels. One of them absorbs the sound while the other scatters it. You don’t want to completely kill the sound effect; you want some reverb. Our professionals will help determine exactly how many panels you need, which is dependent upon the size of the space and the equipment you are using.

Insulation – Vicoustic also provides insulation to help contain the sound in the room. They have acoustic doors with maximum thickness to seal in the sound. They also have flexible polyeurethane foams to reduce sound transmission, and anti-vibratics so that your wood floors will not be impacted by the powerful sound and vibrate.

Acoustic Design – Vicoustic offers panels in all kinds of beautiful designs so that they look more like works of art than audio equipment. We can also create displays with our CNC machine to complement the interior design of your theater or media room so that it all works together and looks spectacular.