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Highland Park, TX

Now You Can Have the Most Amazing Home Theater in Highland Park, TX

What could possibly make your home the most impressive one in your neighborhood?

You have a swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, stone patio, and even an ornamental wrought iron driveway gate.

Think of everything else you have to go with it…

What is it you don’t have?

What could you add to your home that makes it even more impressive and fun to live in than any of your neighbor’s homes?

You can search for months, and not find anything that you don’t already have.

Home Theaters Amaze Your Family and Impress Your Neighbors

Do you have a home theater? A real home theater? Not just one of those “home theaters” with a large screen and a cheap sound system you bought years ago.

We’re talking about home theaters like the one in the above picture. A towering TV screen. Speakers embedded into your walls with sound so clear and powerful you’re almost sure the bad guy swung their sword at you. Or you can hear the steady thumps of the T-Rex as it seemingly stalks you and your family.

But fortunately, those things are really happening to you in the comfort of your own home. You have motorized leather recliners to sit in. And comfortable couch seating to lay on.

Forget the movie theaters! You get a far better experience right in the comfort of your own home. And hey, the popcorn and soda’s a heck of a lot cheaper too.

When you have guests over and they leave, they’ll talk excitedly about the impressive experience. Some spouses might argue, shout, and yell at each other because your house, not theirs, now has the top status in your neighborhood.

Our Home Theater Installation Pros Are the Only Ones Who Can Make It Happen

The first problem you’ll have is finding an audio video company that can make this experience happen. Just about anyone who wants to be an audio video professional can.

That’s why it’s important to scrutinize the credibility of the companies you’re considering. Choose the wrong one, and you’ll have a TV and sound…

But the picture won’t be nearly as clear. Nor will the sound. You might have blown speakers in a couple months. And you won’t be able to get ahold of the company that did the installation.

With more than 150 years of combined professional experience and 8 under our current company name, Crown Audio Video gets you the thrilling home theater experience you dream about. You have no limit as to what you can do. And if you’re not sure what to do, our pros have the experience to give you all kinds of ideas.

What Should You Look for to Find the Best Audio Video Company in Highland Park?

But you shouldn’t just trust our experience. You’re practically guaranteed the best service of any audio visual company in Highland Park. We have a perfect A+ BBB rating (after 8 years in business). Just go to and search “Crown Audio Video” to check. You get stellar service before, during, and after installation. Feel free to look for it – it’s nearly impossible to find.

Another top credential of any local business is big-name customers they’ve served. Big companies like Coca-Cola,, Mercedes-Benz and area pro athletes alike trust us with their audio visual needs (feel free to ask for professional references to contact).

And finally, you want an audio visual company with a long list of certifications. Now with many local businesses and contractors, certifications are simply a moneymaker for the organizations that offer them. But in the audio video industry, you must be certified by many dealers to even have the ability to install their equipment. No certification, and they don’t let you install their equipment. And they don’t sell it through any big-name retailers.

So your audio video company must have the certification. At Crown Audio Video, we have almost every imaginable certification from names like Control4, Crestron, JBL, Mark Levinson, Lexicon, and Screen Innovations.

You have nearly limitless options available. And access to the most amazing technology the audio video industry has to offer. You may not be able to get that with other companies.

Get Your Free Consultation Today and Build the Home Theater of Your Dreams

Learn all the options that you can get with your budget. Choose the one you want most.

To understand the thrilling experience your home theater could provide, simply call us at 214-377-9434 or schedule your free consultation online.

What Else Does Crown Audio Video Do?

While home theaters and audio video systems for commercial board rooms are our flagship project offerings, that’s not all you can get.

Homeowners like you can add convenience, decorative beauty, and money savings to your lives with home automation. Literally a single push of a button on your smartphone, tablet PC, or a single wall control panel could dim your lights, lower your shades, and turn on your TV.

Businesses can increase employee productivity, boost security, and save more money with commercial automation projects. Turn off the lights, reduce the thermostat, or get your security cameras rolling.

Never worry about your technology again because you can control it all conveniently from your smartphone or tablet PC.

Sound cool?

Check out how it works in action at our showroom at 10835 Shady Trail. 


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