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Lighting Design

lighting installation

lighting design

Lighting is an essential part of your home, so it’s important that you hire a professional to install the right design, controls, and system. Crown Audio Video is an expert when it comes to integrated lighting. We’ll give you various options for lighting fixtures and controls to ensure that your home looks beautiful and works seamlessly with all of your other systems. Some of the benefits include saving money, saving energy, convenience, and enhancing the beauty of your home.

Mobile and Integrated Control - When you have a smart home, your whole day starts quickly and easily. A “Good Morning” setting can be saved and automated every day so all the lights turn on when your alarm goes off. Then watch as the lights turn off as you move from room to room via occupancy/vacancy sensors. At any moment, you can dim the lights down or up to a comfortable level using LED touch controls on the wall. Add lighting settings to any saved scene, like a relaxing soft glow for an intimate dinner, or a bright brilliance for an energizing workout. With Crown, the start or end of your day is one touch away.

Lighting Design - Whether you want fancy fixtures that make a creative statement, or a clean modern look, our team can meet all of your lighting needs. We work with interior designers and builders to install the right lighting that matches your personal preferences. Some of the lights include: recessed downlights, chandeliers, wall sconces, art lights, pendants, lamps and more. Whether you need to direct a pathway, create drama, or showcase fine art, lighting design creates subtle to substantial effects that can set the right mood for any occasion.

Energy-saving Solutions - Leaving all the lights on when no one is there can be a wasteful habit. To prevent wasting energy and save a little on your utility bills, we’ll install lighting controls and occupancy sensors. The lights will turn on as you move throughout the home, and then shut off when you leave. In addition, you can always turn lights on and off with the swipe of your finger on a wall switch, or through a smart app on your mobile device. You’ll also know if any light was left on at all times, and then be able to turn it off remotely via a tablet or phone.

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