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3 Ways to “Get Away” With Outdoor Entertainment

Banish Boredom With These Ideas

3 Ways to “Get Away” With Outdoor Entertainment

When you’re living on autopilot (“What day is it, again?”) or stressed by work, homeschooling and uncertain news, your creativity might suffer. That’s why when your day calms down, the last thing you want to think of is some novel, unexplored pastime: It’s easier to watch “The Office” for the tenth time through, right?

However, we believe in making the most of every day and would be more than happy to give you some fresh ideas to optimize your time at home, and we think you should start by heading outside as often as possible. Doing so will not only free you of your four walls but also the monotony of your routine. Plus, outdoor entertainment can prove one of the best outlets for quality alone or family time. Read on for some memorable ways to pass the time outside this spring and summer.

TAGS: Home Audio Video | Home Automation | Outdoor Living Spaces | Whole Home Audio

Our Favorite Outdoor Speaker Brands for Spring Entertainment

Look More Closely at Sonance and Origin Acoustics!

Our Favorite Outdoor Speaker Brands for Spring Entertainment

Daylight saving time brings us longer days, ideal for entertaining outside on the patio. Here in Plano, some early spring days heat up enough to open the pool early. As your top local outdoor audio and video dealers, we take pride in the fact that we can give Texas homeowners the outdoor entertainment spaces they’ve always dreamed of.

You can’t have a successful outdoor AV setup without impeccable audio, and much of the effect you desire starts with the speakers you choose. You don’t want sound that seems unevenly distributed, unclear or boomy. And you can’t choose just any speaker and expect it to withstand the elements.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the weatherproof design and top-quality sound you’ll get with our favorite speaker brands, Origin Acoustics and Sonance. Stay tuned!

TAGS: Hidden Speakers | Origin Acoustics | Sonance | Whole Home Audio

Interested in High-End Multi-Room Audio?

Comparing Three Approaches to Whole Home Audio

Interested in High-End Multi-Room Audio?

You’re an audiophile. Or an audio enthusiast. Or perhaps you’re not into labels; you just love music, and you like to fill your home with it. You may want to know about some of the options currently available or perhaps your Highland Park house was wired for multiroom audio years ago, but you might be looking to upgrade the speakers and the system to bring it to the state of the art standards in digital music and wireless control.

So where do you start? We’ll break down two popular approaches. But we won’t tell you any of these solutions are better than the other; it depends on your goals, your tastes, and the layout of your home, among other factors. Let’s take a closer look.

TAGS: Hi-Fi Audio | music streaming | Whole Home Audio

How Do You Get Great Audio Quality Outdoors?

Here’s What You Want to Know

How Do You Get Great Audio Quality Outdoors?

Whether you’re a certified audiophile, “audioholic," or simply enjoy listening to great music at the best possible quality, chances are your passion for the sound doesn’t stop outside your listening room. When you’re outside soaking up the sun this summer by the pool in Dallas, you want to hear music with the same intensity you enjoy indoors.

So how do you get great audio outside? Buying good quality equipment is undoubtedly a part of it, but there are some different wrinkles to getting impactful sound outdoors. Just as in any audio setting, speakers, their placement, amplifiers, cabling, and source material all matter. But the outdoors presents its own challenges.

Ready to learn more about getting the best audio quality in your outdoor audio-video setup in University Park? Just keep reading.

TAGS: Outdoor Entertainment | Outdoor Living Spaces | Sonance | Whole Home Audio