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4 Common Home Theater Design Mistakes to Avoid

How Can Crown Audio Video Give You the Entertainment Space You Deserve?

4 Common Home Theater Design Mistakes to Avoid

Take a moment and picture this scene: You’ve just returned from a long, stressful day at work. You need to go somewhere and unwind. You walk down a hallway and retreat to a dark room in the far recesses of your Fort Worth, TX, house, where no one can disturb you for the next two hours.

Now, you open the door to your customized home theater room and turn on the light. Which features do you see? Are you looking at a large, traditional room with red velvet chairs and carpeting, Old Hollywood posters and aisle lighting? Or do you envision a cozy, quiet space that looks more like a hobby room, full of your favorite sports memorabilia and family photos?

Seating, lights, TVs, projectors, Dolby Atmos, popcorn machines, wine bars - so many possibilities emerge when we start a home theater consultation. Crown Audio Video can sort through the options, determine priorities and give you the entertainment and escape you deserve. Keep reading to find four common mistakes to avoid and what we recommend instead.


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How Do You Choose A Home Automation Company?

Here Are the Right Questions To Ask

How Do You Choose A Home Automation Company?

So 2019 is the year you have decided to take the plunge into home automation.  Perhaps you’ve dabbled with smart devices like Amazon Echo speakers and a Nest thermostat.  You know there’s a wealth of options when it comes to smart home devices and control, but you don’t want a cobbled together system that requires too much fussing. 

You are thinking that when the hot weather comes to Plano, your motorized shades will block the sun automatically on the correct side of the house and your lights and thermostat adjust accordingly while you're at work, and it all happens seamlessly.  You may want a particular scene set with lights, music, and temperature when you arrive home in the evening after work.  

Putting this all together requires some planning.  Sure, there are do-it-yourself approaches that can do these types of things for you, but if you go that route, you will be your own IT person.  In other words, if something isn’t working right, you will be calling yourself to fix the problem. 

The truth is, many home automation installations can get complex.  Making everything work together well – and consistently – involves planning, choosing the right technology, and expertise in programming and installation.  For anything other than the simplest setups, you want an experienced home automation company that works with the best products and has the expertise to handle design, installation, and after-sale service.  Read on to learn about the most important questions to ask when choosing a home automation company to add smart technology to your Plano home. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Control4 Dealer?

Upgrade Your Dallas, TX Smart Home With Control4 Automation

What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Control4 Dealer?

Smart home technology is becoming more popular every year, but as you gain new smart devices, navigating all the different control interfaces can be a headache. Control4 helps streamline and simplify smart home operations by bringing all these separate components together in one easy-to-use control system, so you don’t have to juggle different remotes and apps. Control4 also offers different automation options, allowing you to set schedules for your technology and create specific scenes that will activate multiple devices at the same time depending on the occasion. Keep reading to learn how working with a Control4 dealer can help you elevate the performance of your Dallas, TX smart home.

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