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Articles tagged with: Smart Home Automation

5 Smart Back to School Basics

How to Use Your Prosper, TX Smart Home to Keep Your Family on Track

5 Smart Back to School Basics

The end of August can be the most hectic time of year. Not only are families taking kids back to school, but many companies begin to gear up for the busy holiday season. Most people go from vacation and relaxation mode to panic. However, you can avoid all of that stress by using smart home automation in your Prosper, TX home. Here are five ways you can use your smart home to get your family back on schedule.

TAGS: Back to School Tech | Smart Home Automation

Save Energy with Motorized Shades

A Green Home Starts Here

Save Energy with Motorized Shades

A smart home means added convenience and style, but it also means a more energy efficient space. If you’re looking for a simple, smart solution to save electricity, then look no further than motorized shades. Especially in a hot Texas town like Westlake, having some control over the sun can drastically improve your home’s energy footprint. The best part is that, besides adding efficiency, these window dressings are custom made to look great in each space. To learn more about how motorized shades can help you save money and make your home greener, read on. 

TAGS: Climate Control | Lighting Control | Smart Home Automation

Lighting Control Is the First Step to Great Design

How to Use Automated Lighting to Make a Space More Inviting

Lighting Control Is the First Step to Great Design

If you’re an interior designer in the Dallas, TX area, you probably already know how important lighting can be. With the proper lighting, every room’s design elements are set to their advantage for a warm, inviting feel. Plus, the style of the actual lighting fixtures can have a strong impact on the entire look of the space. The problem is how to develop an illumination scheme that works with your design and is easy for the homeowner to replicate on a daily basis. That’s where lighting control comes into play. To learn more about the design power of automating your lights, read on. 

TAGS: Energy Management | Smart Home Automation | TV Installation

Media Room Design Tips to Impress Your Guests

How to Add the ‘Wow Factor’ to Your Media Room

Media Room Design Tips to Impress Your Guests

We've covered a lot of the basic necessities of a media room or dedicated home theater – like 4K picture, 3D audio, and smart controls. But what makes your room really make your guests say "wow"? In this article we'll give you some tips on how we can add the "wow factor" to your media room. Your guests will certainly remember your hospitality and luxurious rooms.

TAGS: Home Media Room | Kaleidescape | Smart Home Automation