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Articles tagged with: Lighting Design

Add Drama to Your Home’s Exterior with LED Lighting

Show Off Your Pool and Landscape with Innovative LED Lights

Add Drama to Your Home’s Exterior with LED Lighting

In photography, controlling light is paramount. After all, with both film and digital photography, it’s all about how light is captured. In the same way that professional photographers deftly manage light in order to make a shot look its absolute best, the right lighting can also add a touch of drama to your home.

With our relatively warm climate in Texas even in the colder months, our outdoor spaces can be used almost year-round. The pool may be cold, but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our outdoor fireplace or pit, enjoying a nightcap with friends in the cool night air. Since you spend lots of time, effort, and expenses on maintaining your landscape, why not use lighting to add an effect at night?

Read on for some ideas on how to use innovative and efficient LED lighting to show off your Preston Hollow outdoor spaces in the best light.


TAGS: Landscape Lighting | Lighting Control | Lighting Design

Four Compelling Reasons To Go for LED Lighting

Find Out Why It’s Time to Upgrade Your Lighting Solution

Four Compelling Reasons To Go for LED Lighting

By now you know that LED technology is reshaping lighting. The venerable incandescent light bulb, first patented by Edison in 1880, dominated residential lighting for a century before newer technologies started to become practical and cost-effective.  One of those was compact fluorescent, which appeared in the 1980s but really did not become a popular replacement for incandescent until the last decade. 

Another is LED lighting. Light Emitting Diode, or LED, uses semiconductor technology to convert electricity into light.  LED technology is ubiquitous in backlighting for TVs, computer monitors, and millions of portable devices.  Today LED is also the smart choice for your Frisco TX, home.  Here are four compelling reasons you should consider going to LED in a new home or remodel or retrofitting.

TAGS: LED technology | Lighting Design | Low Voltage Lighting | Residential Lighting

4 Ways to Use Smart Lighting Control in Your Business

Reduce Energy Costs, Increase Sales and Boost Employee Efficiency

4 Ways to Use Smart Lighting Control in Your Business

It’s easy for businesses to underestimate their lighting. As long as there’s enough light to get things done, many managers think they’re good to go. But every type of company and every individual task therein can benefit from a unique lighting strategy. Not only can a focused approach help you conserve energy, but it can also enhance efficiency and profits as well. Which is why a lighting control system can be such a powerful tool in your Prosper, TX business. Below we showcase some ways a smart lighting solution can be beneficial. 

TAGS: Boardroom Control | Energy Savings | Lighting Design

Set the Scene with Lighting Control

How the Right Light Can Enhance your Home Theater Design

Set the Scene with Lighting Control

Many factors go into creating your ideal home theater design. One factor that you might not consider could have the biggest impact on your comfort and movie watching experience. An automated lighting system can help you set the scene. You can work with an integrator to develop preset lighting schemes that you may want to have in the bank on movie night. For your Fort Worth, TX home theater, we’ve laid out six distinct lighting scenes and when they may come in handy. 

TAGS: Home Audio | Lighting Control | Lighting Design