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Articles tagged with: Home Automation

Using Media Room Design Tricks to Transform Your Living Room

How Automation Can Improve Your Home Entertainment Center

Using Media Room Design Tricks to Transform Your Living Room

It used to be that if you wanted the best that home entertainment had to offer, you needed a dedicated theater room. However, thanks to hidden technologies and home automation, you can experience top-notch audio and video performance in your living room. Using media room design techniques means that every time you sit down in front of the television, you can have a professional quality experience. To learn more about hidden technologies and how they can help you achieve better everyday entertainment in your Allen, TX home, continue reading. 

TAGS: Hidden Technology | Home Automation | Smart Home Design

How to Best Use Your Whole Home Audio

What Sound Provides Every Space of Your Home

How to Best Use Your Whole Home Audio

We know can get a little hung up on the technical features of whole home audio. While selecting the best equipment and attention to detail during the installation process ensures a high-performing audio system, that’s not the only important factor to consider. How will audio fit into your Dallas, TX home and how will you use it? In this article, we’re covering three distinct spaces to illustrate the benefits audio can provide; whether it be wired or wireless, invisible or on display, etc. Continue reading to learn more. 

TAGS: Hidden Speakers | Home Automation | Sonance Dealer

Turn it Up a Notch with High-quality Audio in Your McKinney Home

Enhance Your Audio in Every Room with Premium Products

Turn it Up a Notch with High-quality Audio in Your McKinney Home

If you aren't satisfied with the quality of the audio in your home, there are a few slight changes you can make to achieve a fuller, crisper sound. Crown Audio Video has solutions for every budget and project size. So whether you want to upgrade your home theater system in the living room, or install a complete whole house audio system, we can meet you wherever you're at. Continue reading to discover how subtle changes in your McKinney, Texas home can make a big difference.

TAGS: Home automation | Residential Audio | whole home audio system

How to Save Energy with Smart Home Automation

Go Green with Motorized Shades, Smart Lighting, and Climate Control Systems

How to Save Energy with Smart Home Automation

Saving energy and making the most of our natural resources should be a priority, but it can be hard to make those essential changes when you have so much on your mind already. The lifestyle decision to be greener is no small feat to tackle. Small tasks like turning lights off when you leave the room need to become top of mind. But what if we told you there was a system that could do it all for you? Smart home automation helps you save energy by automatically doing the work for you using motion sensors, timers, and remote controls. So if you live in the McKinney, Texas area and would like to know how to go green with today's newest technology, continue reading this special edition of our blog.

TAGS: Climate Control | Energy Efficiency | Home Automation