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Articles tagged with: Control4

DIY Home Security Systems Finally Catch Up

Ring Indoor Cam advances DIY security, but professional installation is more reliable, private, and cost-effective

DIY Home Security Systems Finally Catch Up

Last month, online retail giant Amazon unveiled a slew of exciting new products. The announcement was mostly focused on the Echo, the company’s voice-controlled speaker that integrates with popular smart home systems from Control4 and Crestron. But they also released info on the Ring Indoor Cam, a new addition to the popular DIY home security system. Users can now experience the benefits of Ring inside their homes. Of course, it raises the question: is DIY security the way to go?

In this blog, we'll discuss what the Indoor Cam means for the DIY space, and how you can still achieve more reliable home safety with a professionally installed system in your Highland Park, TX home. Keep reading for more.

TAGS: Control4 | Lilin | Ring

How a Home Security System Promotes an All-Treat, No-Trick Halloween

Thanks to Control4 smart automation, you’ve got Halloween safely in the bag this year

How a Home Security System Promotes an All-Treat, No-Trick Halloween

An estimated 41.1 million trick-or-treaters hit the streets last Halloween, and this year is likely to be no different. With around 120 million stops to make (though slightly fewer here in Dallas, TX), kids will be everywhere come October 31. So, how do you help promote safety among the cavalcade of pint-sized Iron Men and Captains Marvel coming to your neighborhood? With a smart home security system, of course. To learn how you can utilize your automated security features to encourage a happy, healthy holiday, keep reading.

TAGS: Control4 | LED | Smart Lighting Control

How Well Do Your Smart Home Devices Play Together?

Control4 Orchestrates Smart Home Control

How Well Do Your Smart Home Devices Play Together?

Smart devices are everywhere. Smart locks, smart doorbells, smart cameras, smart lights, smart thermostats – the list goes on. Chances are you have one or more of them.  Some of these devices work well together.  For example, if you have an Amazon Echo speaker and use Alexa voice control, some lights will work with it – but not all.  Similarly, you may find a device or two that works with Apple Homekit, but they are limited.  Some smart cameras work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, but some only work with one of them.

One of the frustrations with smart home devices and automation is getting everything to work well together.  While it’s a benefit to have a smartphone app and perhaps voice control over a function like smart lights, you ultimately will want a system that can tie them all together and do more sophisticated things.

What do we mean by sophisticated?  Think about linking together smart lights, a smart thermostat, and motorized shades for more intelligent control over the interior environment, increasing comfort and saving on energy too.  Or perhaps setting a scene for entertaining that manages the lights, audio, and interior temperature to just the right settings for your guests. 

A system like Control4 can help you accomplish just that. And it also works with many of the most popular consumer smart home devices too.  Read on to find out how Control4 smart home automation can orchestrate all of your smart devices in Frisco. 

TAGS: Control4 | Lighting Control | Smart Home Automation | Whole Home Audio