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Get in the Groove With Whole Home Audio

Stream Lossless Music to Every Corner of Your Property

Get in the Groove With Whole Home Audio

Whether you’re hosting a party or just having a casual night in, music can play a large role in your daily life. A whole home audio system is a great way to enhance your McKinney, TX home and access your favorite streaming services at any time. Here, we’ll cover what it means to have high-quality music streaming throughout your house with ease and simplicity. Read on to learn more.

TAGS: audio video system | control4 | Lossless audio

Let there be Lighting Control

Tips for Incorporating Lighting Control into your Control4 Home

Let there be Lighting Control

The style of your Fort Worth, TX home is of the utmost importance to you. A well-designed home molds itself to you and enhances your lifestyle, creating a space of comfort and ease. When you incorporate the latest smart technologies into your environment, you will see how easy it can be to customize your surroundings to your needs. A Control4 system gives you the opportunity to easily manage your electronic life using convenient controls. Let’s look closely at one of Control4’s capabilities: lighting control. The lighting can have tremendous effects on your home’s style, energy consumption, and security. To learn more, read on. 

TAGS: Control4 | Lighting Control

3 Ways Smart Home Automation Keeps You Comfortable During the Holiday Season

Crown Audio Video Installs Smart Home Controls for Families in Southlake, Texas

3 Ways Smart Home Automation Keeps You Comfortable During the Holiday Season

The holidays are right around the corner, and that means you’ll have more decorations hanging around the home, more lights on at all hours, and more guests who will be enjoying entertainment with you. A smart home automation system not only helps managing a household easier day to day, but it also takes some stress off of you during high-traffic times like Thanksgiving and Christmas. With so many people trying to control the audio, video, and thermostat, make it easy for everyone with a Control4 system. Read this blog to find out 3 easy ways you can use your smart home system to stay comfortable this holiday season.

TAGS: Control4 | Smart Home Automation