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Articles tagged with: Conference Room Technology

Onsite vs. Cloud Teleconferencing Systems - Which is Right for You?

How to Think About Choosing a Video Conferencing Platform

Onsite vs. Cloud Teleconferencing Systems - Which is Right for You?

Going back a decade or more, our headline might have been moot - your only choice for a teleconferencing platform in your Richardson office would have been an on-premise solution, where you had to have your own IT support to run it. Today, the landscape is much different. Cloud-based video conferencing services like Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, Cisco WebEx, and a host of others offer quality teleconferencing and collaboration platforms that efficiently connect people across town or around the globe.

But should everyone move to the cloud for teleconferencing? The answer, of course, depends on your needs, and also on your organization's size and distribution. Should you invest in on-premises solutions or go entirely cloud-based? The simple answer is you have choices that don't require you to move to one pole or the other. Keep reading to learn more.

TAGS: Commercial Audio-Video | Conference Room Technology | Video Conferencing Solutions | Zoom Web Conferencing

Avoid Common Conference Room Problems

Use Technology for Efficient Collaboration

Avoid Common Conference Room Problems

Have you ever been in that meeting where the presenter spent the first ten minutes figuring out how to get the PowerPoint presentation on the conference room screen? How about the room with lighting that was either too bright or too dark for a presentation?  Or the conference call where you had to ask the other party to continually repeat what they just said?

There are the types of issues that occur daily in meeting and conference rooms all over Richardson and Dallas. But it does not need to be that way.  With some careful consideration given to the everyday things that you typically do in your meeting spaces, you can design the conference room with the right technology to ensure that all your meetings both begin and end productively.

Read on for some tips on how to make your meeting rooms state-of-the-art collaboration spaces.

TAGS: Boardroom Automation | Conference Room Technology | Wireless Microphone System

Make Collaboration More Interactive

Add Touchscreen Technology to Your Meeting Spaces

Make Collaboration More Interactive

The nature of work and collaboration is changing.  More powerful portable devices and new communication and collaboration software have radically changed the way information can be accessed and shared, speeding up decision making and changing the nature of workspaces as well.

We have discussed in the past the benefits of conference room technology and interactive displays for a variety of business and educational applications.  Interactive displays can also improve collaboration.  Just about everyone has a touchscreen smartphone, tablet, or other devices, and that has made the use of touch and gesture as common a way to interact with a computing device as a mouse, trackpad, and keyboard.  Microsoft had also made touch interaction a standard part of the Windows operating system, popularizing desktop touchscreen monitors and displays on laptops that can double as tablets. 

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