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Essential Elements of Conference Room Design

A building automation system can improve your meetings

Essential Elements of Conference Room Design

Your Frisco, TX business can benefit from a building automation system, and there’s no place you can benefit more than your boardroom. High-quality conference room design is essential to running efficient meetings and delivering your messages effectively. From setting up your meetings to ensuring everyone in the room can see and hear what’s going on, here are the essential elements of conference room design.

TAGS: Conference Room Design | Smart Technology

4 Commercial Spaces That Need Digital Signage Design Does Your Vertical Make the List?

Does Your Vertical Make the List?

4 Commercial Spaces That Need Digital Signage Design Does Your Vertical Make the List?

At Crown Audio Video, we’ve helped many businesses succeed through our commercial automation solutions. We’ve installed and supported commercial audio and video, conference room automation systems and more for our Plano, TX, customers.

As such, we always keep up with the hottest commercial AV trends so that we can showcase the best and brightest and ideas to clients that guarantee an up-to-date office space. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen one particular solution, digital signage, transform from a trend to a modern office staple. According to Chris Mertens, vice president of U.S. End User Sales, B2B Displays at Samsung, “Digital signage is that next level of reaching out to customers and engaging with them, making it an immersive experience for both internal and external customers.”

We have noticed that some offices lend themselves to digital signage design more than others. Keep reading to find out which businesses benefit most, and why you’re missing out if you’ve never given these stunning displays a second look.

TAGS: Commercial Audio Video | Conference Room Design | Interactive Video Displays

Which Video Solution is Best for Conference Rooms: Display or Projector?

The Pros and Cons of Display Choices for your Meeting Spaces

Which Video Solution is Best for Conference Rooms: Display or Projector?

In the days before flat panel displays, projectors ruled the conference room. In all but the smallest rooms, a projector was the only type of video display that could deliver the screen size necessary in a reasonable-size room.

As we all know large flat panel display prices have come down precipitously in the past few years. Flat panel displays are cost-effective solutions up to 90 inches in many cases. Is the projector dead for smaller conference rooms? The answer is not obvious; much depends on what you want to accomplish in your meeting spaces with your AV equipment.

Is a large flat panel display or a projector the right solution for your Dallas videoconference room or boardroom? That’s what we want to cover in this blog - just keep reading.

TAGS: Boardroom Automation | Commercial Audio Video | Conference Room Design

Video Conference Audio Problems?

Five Tips For Avoiding Annoying Audio In Your Meetings

Video Conference Audio Problems?

Are you plagued with audio issues in your video and audio conferences?  The most common problem with audio in meetings is feedback.  Almost everyone experiences it whether it’s on a simple Skype call from your computer or a Zoom video conference across two packed conference rooms from Richardson to Shanghai.   

The main cause of that nasty feedback that makes for painful meetings is sound that emanates from speakers and is picked up by the microphone, creating a feedback loop.  Depending on the gain (volume) applied to the sound, some frequencies can be overly amplified in that loop to sound shrill or generate echoes.  When that happens, everyone has to start repeating what they said, or worse, conversations may be misunderstood – something you definitely want to avoid. 

So what’s the solution to cure these video conferencing audio ills in your Richardson meeting rooms?  Read on for some tips to optimize your conference room sound.

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