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Why Your Store Needs Interactive Video Displays

How Technology Can Help You Engage with your Customers

Why Your Store Needs Interactive Video Displays

As e-commerce continues to expand, how can your retail storefront engage your customer base? One answer is to think about what makes online shopping so exciting and convenient and incorporate those tools into your brick and mortar establishment. An interactive video display can provide your customers with the ability to browse goods and compare prices on one screen. Plus, they will have the added benefit of seeing and feeling the product before purchasing. If that sounds interesting, continue reading to learn more about adding interactive technology to your Westlake, TX establishment. 

What is an Interactive Video Display

Interactive video displays utilize HD screens and touchscreen technology to engage customers with your products and services. In the world of retail, this tool is becoming increasingly popular. By creating customized video and imagery for your business, you can keep customers abreast of new products and sales or direct them to the items that seem most relevant to them. These displays provide a unique marketing opportunity; they allow your business to easily manage their content and provides customers with an experience specific to their needs.

Ways to Use Interactive Video Displays

Here are a few of our favorite ways to use interactive screens in your store:

  • In-Store Advertisements: Use your interactive video display to bring in new customers. If your store is located in a mall or somewhere with a lot of foot traffic, this technique can be particularly effective. Screens are brighter and more interesting than old-school signage. Place digital signs in your storefront with changing and relevant content to draw eyes to your store. Add an interactive screen in the entryway that will pull in customers with text like “Check this out” and keep them engaged with your products.
  • Help Kiosks: Place interactive kiosks near the entry and throughout your store to help guide customers. Your customers can scroll through a catalog of goods that show them exactly where they can find these goods in your store. Your employees can also use these screens as a sales tool by guiding customers through a particular service or to direct them to new goods, all on one screen.
  • Video Walls: A video wall is an interactive video display on a larger scale. These can show advertising video or images but also allow customers to change the trajectory of events by touching the screen and display what they request.  A video wall is an elegant, eye-catching and engaging addition to your store.

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Find the Right Approach For Your Store

Not every interactive video display will be right for your space or customer. Here are a few things to consider when researching touch technology:

  • The size of your space: If you have a smaller space a video wall might be a little overwhelming. Find screens the right size to fit neatly into your store.
  • Inventory: Do you keep a small quantity of goods in your store? It might be wise to incorporate several help kiosks so that customers know what else they can order. This can prevent a loss of sale simply because you don’t have the right size or style in stock.
  • Advertising strategy: How do you want to show and sell your product? The answer can determine your video display strategy.

To help guide you through these questions, bring in the advice of an expert. Contact Crown Audio Video today; we can find the solution that is right for your store.