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Why We Recommend an Integrator for Your Home Networking Needs

Need Maximum Speed and Reliability? ISP-Based Solutions Can’t Provide That.

Why We Recommend an Integrator for Your Home Networking Needs

Historically, when something went wrong with your internet service, you probably called one of Plano’s local providers to fix it. While these professionals are adept at connecting you and handling basic troubleshooting, many of them lack the training to see a holistic view of your home and networking needs. If you have a large residence and are continually adding more devices, the task grows much more complicated.

Right now, we know you don’t want to deal with the headache of a faulty or slow connection. Your whole lifestyle depends on your internet service right now, from hosting lag-free meetings on Zoom to streaming your children’s classes. Plus, your internet offers countless hours of Netflix, Prime and Hulu to entertain you later.

Fast, reliable internet is more than a luxury right now for your Texas home, and you’re about to learn why we recommend calling someone other than your ISP during this time and beyond. Keep reading to see why you should trust your home networking needs to the experts at Crown Audio Video.

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We Understand Strategic Placement
As you’ve probably experienced, internet service providers often place routers in suboptimal locations: It might be tucked away in a closet or otherwise not centralized enough to give you the coverage you need.

For the best signal, your router should have “line of sight” for all your devices. Even then, the signal is usually poor the further away your Wi-Fi is from the router, which brings us to our next point.

We Know How to Use Access Points and Zoning
Your router can’t do all the heavy lifting, especially since most routers only cover about 1,000 square feet independently. That’s the size of a small house or a large apartment - not even close to enough for most of the residences in this area.

To expand your router’s coverage, we add wireless access points in strategic places. We also create separate zones for various areas requiring data transmission – so that your signal doesn’t get jammed by too much bandwidth transferring at once.

We Install Commercial Networks, Too

Wait: Isn’t this an article about your residential networking needs? Yes, but as your home transitions to an office that you’ll use for the foreseeable future, you’ll benefit from having someone skilled in installing enterprise-grade networks at your helm. Commercial networking systems can carry high loads of data without compromising service quality. Plus, many office systems were built to scale up as you need to add more devices: Shouldn’t your home do the same?

Contact Us Today
Now that your home is functioning as a school, workplace, gym, retreat and more simultaneously, you owe it to yourself to get the best internet connection. Crown Audio Video doesn’t stop at the installation, either. We are a call away if you need network support. If you’re tired of both shoddy internet service and then waiting in a long line of angry customers waiting to complain to their ISP, we suggest getting help from our professional integrators instead. Ready to experience how a different approach to your internet needs can make all the difference? Click here or give us a call at (214) 377-9434.