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Why Everyone Loves Touchscreens

Touchscreen Monitors Are Naturally Intuitive for Interactive Applications

Why Everyone Loves Touchscreens

Of course, we love touchscreens. We spend a good part of our day on them on smartphones and tablets. And touchscreens are seemingly also invading our car infotainment systems too because we are so used to using them in other contexts. Just about everyone has something with a touchscreen – a smartphone, tablet, or other devices, and in many school districts in Texas, kids are getting iPads and tablets as early as the third grade. Even for older people not well-steeped in technology, a well-designed touch interface can be easy to figure out.

In the past, we've discussed the benefits of touchscreen monitors and interfaces for business collaboration. While there are clear benefits for business applications, there are other interactive applications where you want the user to have zero learning curve.

This month, we’d like to recap why touchscreen monitors are excellent for interactive applications in Dallas and some different solutions where you can employ them.

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Why Touchscreens?

Touchscreen technology works in a variety of settings – offices, retail, lobbies, indoors and out. The devices can be all-in-one in that they include the computing and communication equipment they need for intelligence. In public environments like an airport or outdoor mall, , they are weather resistant and easy to clean. Pressing an onscreen button is as easy as pushing a call button for an elevator, and people of most ages can intuitively follow. For more complex interactions, touchscreens can use "wizard" sequential steps to guide someone to a goal. Touchscreen monitors come in many sizes, ranging for personal to large format ones for public spaces.

Digital Signage and Wayfinding

Digital signage does not have to be static. With a touchscreen monitor, you can enable people to get the information they need. For example, in a large medical office building, enabling a search function for a doctor or practice name can speed up people finding their way, as opposed to a rolling display of locations. Similarly, in a retail mall or shopping center, you can engage customers with easy ways to find stores and restaurants, offers of the day, coupons, and more. Touchscreen interfaces are easily customized and managed remotely.

Education and Collaborative Learning

With large touchscreens that embed full computing systems like Windows, a wide variety of PC learning applications can become more collaborative and interactive. Multi-touch capability – the ability to touch and move more than one object on the screen – enables greater interactivity with applications and between teachers and students in classrooms. Drawing with hands or pens makes creating, annotating, and capturing ideas digitally that much easier than with standard whiteboards and paper.


A camera-equipped touchscreen can guide someone with shopping assistance. Imagine a customer scanning a barcode to provide pricing information, additional sizes, and comparable and complementary products. If a product is not in the store, it can guide the customer to order it online, providing a link to their smartphone. If they want additional information or reviews on an item, presenting an on-screen guides the user to the relevant information on their smartphone to inform a purchase decision.

The limit of using touchscreen monitor technology is only creativity – and fortunately, we have plenty of that in Dallas. To learn more, fill out our online contact form, or click below to instantly connect with one of our experts.