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Where to Use Motorized Shades

2 Areas of Your Office that Benefit from Automated Shading

Where to Use Motorized Shades

Creating the perfect office environment can be tricky. You need to create a balance between what your employees want and what is cost effective. Motorized shades can help you run the gamut. They allow you to empower your employees to customize their workspace while allowing you with overarching tools to help save energy and reduce monthly bills. In this article, we’re demonstrating this by looking into two distinct areas to see how they work. Continue reading to see where you should be placing motorized shades in your McKinney, TX office. 

Conference Room

The conference room serves many purposes. Sometimes it’s where you entertain clients and have a conversation. Sometimes it’s where you host a meeting between employees. Sometimes it’s where you are having a presentation. To impress clients and create an appealing environment for your employees, many conference rooms have a lot of windows. In order to control the amount of sunlight that’s coming in at any given time, consider automated shading.

One tool that could help are solar sensors. These sensor monitor the amount of sunlight and adjusts the shades accordingly. With traditional shades, you might experience some glares as the sun rises during a morning meeting. Motorized shades will automatically lower as it detects the changing light. The elements won’t interrupt your meeting and, if you’re meeting with clients, they will be impressed by your attention to detail.

For presentations, you want the room to be as dark as possible so that everyone can see the visual tools. If you outfit your conference room with commercial automation, you can create a presentation scene. This is a collection of settings that prepare the room for audio and video. With the touch of a button, the projector or TV will turn on, the audio will begin, blackout shades cover the window, and the lights dim down to just the right level so everyone can take notes and also easily see the screen.

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Open Office Environment

The open office environment has become a popular layout. It encourages communication between employees and more collaboration. Every employee might have a different ideal working conditions. Some workers might like a sunny environment, while others might want their space darker. Individual motorized shades can be adjusted independently so that every one of your workers can set their desired lighting environment.

At the same time, you can close or open all the shades from a centralized control panel. Therefore, you as the business owner can close all the shades at once when it’s time to close for the day. You can also use this ability to keep excess heat out and reduce the amount of energy you’re using to cool the space. Just create a schedule that closes the blinds at around 10 in the morning, when the Texas sun really starts to heat up. Select specialized solar shades that better block out the heat. Of course, some employees might open their shades, but everything helps.

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