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Where to Place an Interactive Video Display

How Commercial Audio Video Can Revolutionize Your Spaces

Where to Place an Interactive Video Display

Adding TVs to your business is pretty standard for Texas. It’s a great way to entertain guests whether they are eating, waiting for a service, or shopping. But what can you do to distinguish your company in McKinney from its competition? You can make a more dramatic impact with an interactive video display, which is a grid of screens that make up one image, or multiple images. They can also have touch capabilities so customers can interact with the screens. Here are a few ideas for how you can use interactive video displays in your Texas business. 

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The Gym

Right now everyone seems to be focused on getting in shape for the summer. People are flocking to the gym to try and look good in a bathing suit. With an influx of members, it’s important to impress them and also help keep them on target with encouraging messages. Use a video display to show encouraging phrases like, “keep moving forward” or “good things come to those who sweat”. You could even have members write what their goals are on the screens to keep them accountable. Managers can also change the images at any time, like playing a motivational video, educational tutorial or commercial for new services. Music videos are fun for members to watch as they work out. Play a fun music video on all the screens together so that it makes one massive jumbo-tron.

The Spa

The spa is all about leaving stress behind and achieving peace and relaxation. Audio and video systems are very useful tools to get visitors in the right mindset. A video display can shuffle between beautiful scenes of mountains, oceans, or forests of flowers. You could even match the images to the theme of your spa. So if it’s a Moroccan-style retreat, you can show images of India or Egypt. At certain times of the day display a list of specials. Some of the screens can keep the beautiful images of scenes around the world while the others show promotions. Video displays can be informative and engaging at the same time. The bigger the better too. By covering an entire wall with screens, visitors will feel as if they have truly traveled to a distant land – away from their troubles.

Restaurant / Bar

It’s very common to find multiple TVs in a bar/restaurant. But if you combine them together and make a wall of videos, you can have a lot of fun with it. For example, celebrate the Texas Longhorns basketball team by playing the game on a huge display. Fans will be able to enjoy the show and eat a nice meal. You can also use the screens for quick ordering. Visitors who want quick takeout can walk up, select the item they want to purchase, and then pay upfront. Managers can also display the month’s calendar of events and any specials. Dynamic video is a fantastic way to keep guests entertained and coming back again and again.

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