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What’s New in Smart Home Automation?

What We Found at CES for Your Whole Fort Worth Home

What’s New in Smart Home Automation?

This month, the Consumer Electronics Show took place in Vegas. It is a space for tech companies to showcase the latest and greatest in their field. There, we discovered several products that could improve your Texas home’s convenience and ease of use. If you’re looking for the latest in smart home automation, continue reading. We will break down what’s new by room, so you can see exactly what the benefits will be. 

The Kitchen

Smart technologies have begun to move beyond the typical electronics. If you’ve enjoyed smart locks or smart thermostats then you know the benefit of expanding your technical world. Now, you have to option to have a smart oven. What can you gain from tech in the kitchen?

     Safety: Your intelligent oven will be quicker in alerting you to any issue. You will receive a notification on your phone if there are increase carbon monoxide or smoke levels. If you’re home, you can deal with the issue more efficiently. If you are away, you can alert the proper authorities or whoever might be home at the time. This feature produces peace of mind--especially when your kids are home alone.

     Convenience: With a smart oven, you have the power to turn it off or on from anywhere. Therefore, if you are bringing home dinner, you can expedite the cooking process by preheating on your way home. Worried you left the oven on? Simply check it out on your phone.

The smart oven is a worthy addition to any smart home.

The Bedroom

There could be a solution for those issues that are keeping you awake. Moving even further outside the realm of technology, there is now a smart bed. This intuitive creation will adjust its firmness to meet the demands of each sleeper. If you or your partner is a chronic snorer or you toss and turn, the bed will use biometrics to track your sleeping patterns and find a solution.

This solution also includes a smart alarm system. By tracking your sleep, the alarm will sound when you are sleeping at your lightest--within a window of selected time. That way, you’ll find yourself waking up refreshed and ready for the day.

For best results combine your new smart bed with motorized shades. Program your shades to open with your alarm and use the power of the sun to wake you. Your sleep cycle will be fully in sync with the circadian rhythm.

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The Living Room

Back to the world of traditional electronics, the latest televisions were on full display at CES. The trend in display is OLED. This type of digital display is noted for its high resolution and increased ability to show contrast. These screens don’t require a backlight and can, therefore, they can be thinner than ever. If you’re looking for your next TV, consider OLED.

If you’re thinking about incorporating any of these new technologies into your Fort Worth smart home, we are here to help. Contact us today to get started.