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What Role Can Motorized Shades Play in Your Interior Décor?

Enhance Your Home’s Style with a Smart Shading Solution

What Role Can Motorized Shades Play in Your Interior Décor?

Motorized shades stand out for the way they can protect your privacy and reduce your monthly energy bills, but they do have another trick up their sleeve. They play a pivotal role in enhancing your home’s style. For years, custom integrators and interior designers have worked hand-in-hand to get the most out of this technology. While we provide the intuitive control, designers find the best way to implement the shades into homes throughout McKinney, TX. In this blog, we highlight just some of the things we've learned from working with interior designers for our smart shading solutions.

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Harness the Power of Natural Light 

Natural light can have a big impact on your interior design. It can set the right ambiance in a room, change the colors of particular objects and even cast shadows throughout the space. Harnessing natural light can be difficult to get the ideal effect that you want. You need to be able to control exactly where the natural light is coming from, at what angle, and how intense it is. 

Unfortunately, natural light is not a constant. Due to changes in weather or season, the amount of natural light at a given time can vary from day to day. For this reason, you need an easy way to manage your shades –whether through a smart device, schedule, or photo sensors—to ensure sunlight makes its way in when needed while being blocked off when it's not wanted.  

Find Versatile Solutions for Large Windows

Large windows offer an excellent way to bathe your living spaces with natural light. They can also provide an optical illusion, making the room look bigger at first sight. Unfortunately, these large windows can be hard to cover. In the past, many have resorted to unfashionable vertical shades since they’re the lightest option and therefore easier to install and manage. 

By incorporating motorized shades, you can focus solely on stylistic choices and not pragmatism. Since you can control shades from a remote or smart device, you can opt for heavier, more sophisticated fabrics for these windows. In a living room or media room environment, we recommend going with dark drapes that add elegance while completely blocking out the light when you don’t need it.  

Enhance Your Design Options with Dual Shades 

This choice between elegance and function isn't limited to floor-to-ceiling windows. Throughout your home, you may be forced to decide between the way you want to use your shades and how you want them to look. For example, say you want soft, sheer shades in the kitchen to let in natural light. Then what do you do when the sun is coming in directly and bothering you while you eat or cook?

We work with Lutron which offers dual rollers so you can bypass this problem entirely. You can have two different sets of fabric in the same window. With intuitive control, it’s easy to choose which of them you want to use. This is especially useful in multi-purpose rooms. In your living room, you may want to show off certain fabrics when you host friends. When you sit down to watch a movie with the family, though, you can put down blackout shades to optimize your video quality.  

Whether you’re an interior designer looking for the new tools to boost your next project or a homeowner that wants to add a fresh style to their space, we can help you find the ideal motorized shades for you. To get started, call us at (214) 377-9434 or contact us online.