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What is Digital Wayfinding?

The Modern Way to Navigate Anywhere

What is Digital Wayfinding?

Have you ever driven into the University of Texas at Dallas, parked, and had no idea how to get to a building? Have you ever gotten frustrated looking for the restaurant at Richardson’s City Line where you were supposed to meet your friend for lunch 10 minutes ago?

While we have our smartphones with mapping apps to help us navigate to places, navigating at large places – like college campuses, retail malls and shopping centers, and airports, stadiums and entertainment venues – is often not that easy. But there is technology today that can change all that. Rather than just using static signage, today’s commercial audio video systems let venues simplify navigation – making it interactive, engaging, and offering commercial possibilities too.

This new technology is called Digital Wayfinding. It’s really applications that put together a variety of available tech to make navigation easier – touchscreen displays, video, audio, and Internet-connected software – to augment or supplant simple paper maps and confusing signage.

Let’s explore some of the benefits of applying digital wayfinding applications to commercial audio-video systems here in Richardson.


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Touch Enabled Displays

People are used to touch-enabled maps on smartphones – and in some cars – that can be pinched and zoomed.  Using high-resolution touch displays, people can type in what they’re looking for – the name of a building, a restaurant, a store, etc. – and get a detailed map that they can then manipulate in a familiar way. Some systems feature birds-eye views and 3D view much like the functionality of Google Maps.  To make finding things easier, scrollable panoramic photos of building fronts could be incorporated, which could be quite useful on a large office campus where buildings look alike. If someone can’t remember the directions, a QR code can be displayed which could be scanned by a smartphone, taking the user to a site with instructions or a map.


Commercial Opportunities

In a shopping center, rather than scanning a long static directory of stores organized by location or type, typing in “shoes” on an interactive screen can zero in on all stores that have shoes. If there are sales or even flash promotions happening, animated or video commercials can play alongside a map highlighting all stores that sell shoes. Going further, asking a customer for a cell number could be rewarded with a specific discount code for a store promotion, allowing the retailer to collect valuable customer data in return for a discount.


Informative Signage

With audio and video, signage and information can be much more interactive. One of the best uses could be in museum settings.  Pressing a button on the screen could provide a much more engaging short story about a work of art or historical display. It could also guide the visitor to related topics that they might be interested in, and where to find those exhibits.


Voice Recognition

Intelligent assistants like Amazon Alexa have exploded in popularity in the past three years, helping users with smart home automation tasks and connecting them to a vast array of information and entertainment.The same technology coupled to digital wayfinding can help customers navigate a venue. “Where are the restrooms,” or “where can I find a cup of coffee” might be all someone needs to ask to find what they need. It promises to be the wave of the future in making digital wayfinding even easier.


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