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What Can Voice Control Do for You?

Amazon Alexa and Home Automation: A Perfect Match

What Can Voice Control Do for You?

Perhaps you’ve heard all about the relationship between smart home automation and voice recognition. Last year, home voice control transformed from science fiction to present day reality thanks to advances in the central technology. The Amazon Alexa devices--like Echo and Dot--can integrate with your Frisco smart home system. When you want to make an adjustment, all you have to do is ask. If you’re wondering what you can control with an Echo or Dot, this blog is here to answer that question. We’ve laid out a few commands you can ask Alexa to perform in your Texas smart home. Read on to learn more. 


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Lock the Door

If your smart home includes automated door locks, then you can ask Alexa to lock the door. Have you ever gotten into bed and, just as you’ve started to relax, you realize you’ve forgotten to secure the door? Well, if there’s an Alexa enabled device in your room, you won’t have to slump out of bed and break up your nighttime routine. Right from bed, simply say, “Alexa, lock the front door.” The door will automatically lock, and you can rest peacefully.

Adjust the Lights

Automated lighting integrated with voice control allows you to turn lights on, dim lights, or turn them off just by issuing a voice command. This is the perfect solution for cooking dinner. As the sun sets, you will probably need to turn on more lights in the kitchen to read recipes and see what you’re doing. But, often, your hands will be full. That’s where voice control comes into play; just ask Alexa to “turn on the kitchen lights,” and you’re back in business.

Change the Channel

It’s the classic situation: you’ve lost the remote just as your show ends. When your smart home’s entertainment system is integrated with voice control, there’s no need to find it! All you have to do is say, “Alexa, turn on ABC,” and you can switch over to the next show you want to watch. Using only your voice, you can ask to change channels, adjust the volume, or turn the screen on and off.

Lower the Temperature

If your home is equipped with a smart climate control system, then you can ask Alexa for adjustments. Maybe you’re coming in the door after a long day in the office. You’ve just sat in traffic under the hot, Texas sun, and you’re ready to cool off. Right as you enter, you notice the house is a little too warm for that moment. Just ask Alexa to “Turn the temperature down 4 degrees.” Then, later, after you’ve cooled off, you can ask to go back to your regular settings.

Turn on Party Scene

So far, we’ve seen how Alexa can make changes to individual pieces of your smart home system. However, one of the best aspects of home automation is how these technologies can work together. Well, if you’ve created “scenes,” or collections of settings that incorporate many of your home’s technologies, you can adjust multiple technologies with just one command.

Let’s say you’re having a dinner party. You have programmed your lights to be dim and romantic, your audio to stream your favorite station at a low volume, and your home’s temperature to be a little cooler. Right before the party begins, just say: “Alexa, turn on dinner party” and watch how all of your technologies fall into place.

If you’re ready to update your smart home with voice control, contact us today. With the help of a professional integrator, improving your home with automation is simple.