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Want Your Restaurant or Bar to Shine?

How Lighting Control Can Improve the Guest Experience

Want Your Restaurant or Bar to Shine?

Creating a memorable dining experience requires attention to detail. As the owner or operator of an Allen, TX restaurant or bar, you probably are already paying close attention to the food, the service, and the ambiance. When it comes to making your restaurant look and feel good, lighting control can be an extremely useful tool. To learn more about how automated lighting can make your guests more comfortable and your restaurant more efficient, read on. 

How Does It Work?

Quality light has the ability to put people at ease on a subconscious level, and providing your guests with that feeling will encourage them to keep coming back. Lighting control is one way to achieve and maintain a comfortable lighting setting easily. It places all your illumination under one network, which means that it’s easy to regulate the level and the quality of light at any time for the whole space. You’ll find it easy to create the right ambiance for the particular style of your establishment.

In terms of control, you can make adjustments to your light settings in multiple ways. Many lighting control systems, like Lutron, offer the option to use switches on the walls, a touch panel, or an app loaded onto your smartphone or tablet. That way, you will be able to make adjustments to your entire system from anywhere, which means less wasted time trying to find the right switch. You can also create presets for dinner or lunch shifts, that way you will only have to press one button to achieve the right tone for the time.

Automated lighting also integrates easily with other commercial automation systems. For instance, you could pair your lighting with motorized shades. When the shades descend to prevent glares, the lights will know to brighten automatically in an integrated system.

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What Can It Do?

One of the best features of lighting control is how easy it is to customize. Here are a few of the tools we offer to create your ideal setting and improve your restaurant or bar.

  • Dimming: In many bars or restaurants, you perform many functions. Whether you’re holding a rehearsal dinner or a networking event, you’ll want to be ready. Dimming allows you to create the right light setting for many specific scenarios.
  • Dynamic Lighting: Not only can you adjust the brightness of the light with lighting control, but you can also adjust the color temperature. You can choose a warmer setting (yellow tones) or a cooler (blue tones) depending on the event or day.
  • Sensors: To make your day easier, you can utilize sensors. With a sensor, your lighting system will track the amount of natural light in your space. That way, it will automatically adjust its setting to maintain the right tone inside.
  • Energy Savings: Lighting control systems can make it simple to save energy. For one thing, they use LED lights, which are more efficient. For another, you can use motion sensors to turn off lights in unoccupied spaces (maybe the bathroom), that will turn on automatically when in use. Plus, many systems allow you to monitor your energy usage, so you know where the adjustments need to be made.

If you’re ready to bring in lighting control to your Allen bar or restaurant, Crown Audio Video will be there every step of the way. Contact us today to get started.