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Want to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living Space?

Add Outdoor AV and Smart Lighting to Create the Perfect Ambiance

Want to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living Space?

We have had a reasonably chilly winter, and most people in the Dallas area are ready to trade in the sweaters, jackets, jeans, and boots for the shorts and the flip-flops. Spring is here, and in Texas, that means it's going to warm up quickly.

With the long sunny summer in Texas, we have ample opportunity to spend time outside. Pools have a long useful season, and outdoor kitchens can be used almost year-round. We tend to invest a lot in our outdoor spaces, and we want to make the most of it.

In this day and age of endless electronic entertainment, we also spend a lot of time watching and listening to content. Whether it's movies, sports, binge-watching favorites on Netflix, or music, we want access to entertainment everywhere.

We're not talking about your iPad and a pair of headphones; we are talking about having a high-quality entertainment system outside. While the summer days are hot, the evenings are spectacular to enjoy your beautiful pool, patio, and landscape. So why stay inside when you can bring the entertainment with you?

An audio-video setup and a smart lighting system can help you maximize the pleasures of your outdoor living space in Highland Park. Read on for some ideas for your outdoor entertainment oasis.

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Lighting for Ambiance

The right lighting can always set the mood, indoors and out. Today’s LED lighting offers many options for types of lights, and they can include color too. With a smart lighting control system, your lights can be coordinated with the time of day and the activity. Hosting a nighttime swim party? Turn on the pool and spa, and even change the color every few minutes to dazzle your guests. Having friends over to watch a game on the outdoor TV? Softly light your patio and gardens for drinks, food, and fun in the balmy evening.

When you’re not entertaining, smart lighting adds beauty and makes other activities easier. If you are grilling in your outdoor kitchen, a lighting scene that’s bright in the right place helps you see when your food is perfectly done. Sunset lights can fade up slowly to show off the outdoor gardens and trees you’ve carefully cultivated. At bedtime, strategically lit areas can keep your home safer.

Rock or Relax with Music

Whether you want to entertain, party, or relax, music is another element that sets the mood. There are a wide range of choices to bring all your music outdoors, from speakers for gentle background music to audiophile-class sound.

Speakers from our partners Sonance and Origin Acoustics can disappear into your landscape and deliver powerful sound with deep bass and crisp midrange and high notes. Both companies are pioneers in architectural and hidden speakers, and both are expert in creating excellent audioscapes indoors and out where you don’t have to see the speakers. And of course, the outdoor speakers are fully immune to the Texas elements.

How do you get your audio outside? There are numerous ways to tie into an outdoor speaker system, but some of the best are the music distribution systems from our home automation partners Crestron and Control4.

Both offer flexible music systems that can distribute the same or different audio to multiple zones in your property, indoors and out. It’s all accessible with a touch on a mobile app, a dedicated remote control or touchscreen, or even a voice command through an assistant like Amazon Alexa.

Call up virtually any music, from your own digital library or a streaming service like Spotify and listen to endless hours of high-quality music outdoors. And these home automation systems will put you in control of the rest of your home as well, tying in lights, pool and spa control, and much more.

Don’t Go Inside to Watch TV

Continue enjoying your outdoor space well into the night with an outdoor TV - or even a couple. If you have an outdoor kitchen and maybe a small bar, a small TV can help you keep an eye on the Rangers games while you grill the steak. In your covered patio, a large TV can be a centerpiece for watching a game or cueing up a summer outdoor movie night.

TVs from our partner Sunbrite are built to withstand the extremes of Texas, operating in the cold up to 40 below and in heat up to 120 degrees. Their special weatherproofing resists humidity, rain, and keeps those pesky bugs from infiltrating it too. With special screens that are made for shade or sun, these outdoor displays will last you many seasons. With sizes from 32 to 75 inches, there's a model to fit any space in your outdoors.

Design your own outdoor entertainment space for summer living in the Park Cities. Give us a call, fill out our online contact form, or click below to instantly connect with of our outdoor technology experts.