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Want to Interact with Your Screens?

Introduce Interactive Video Displays to your Prosper Home

Want to Interact with Your Screens?

Although there’s a common belief – especially in Texas – that the size of the screen is the most important aspect, current televisions can offer much more than that. Interactive media displays can bring your family and home design together. They are modern screens that may include touch technology or involve multiple screens that connect to each other. This can mean displaying larger images across multiple screens, playing multi-player games on different televisions, or touching your television to select a show. When your screen is interactive, it opens up new possibilities for designing your home and having fun with your family. Read on to learn more about what these interactive media displays can do in your home.  

Interactive Art Displays

Artwork is the soul of a home. What you choose to display on your walls should reflect your taste. Adding interactive screens is a great and modern way to incorporate artwork in your home. Perhaps you think that media installations can only be displayed in the MoMA, but, with these screens in your home, it’s easy to curate a personal collection. For one thing, these images are more dynamic than traditional paintings and will duly impress and engage guests in your home. Plus, you can easily change the imagery depending on design trends or shifts in your room’s decor. As the room goes through transformations, you won’t have to rehang pictures.

When your interactive video displays are part of a larger integrated home system, your artwork can also mesh with the rest of your home. For instance, if you want to watch a movie without the light from those screens bothering you, create a “movie scene” that includes turning the screen off. A scene collects settings that create the right mood for a home event—like movie night. You could also use your interactive screens to display images or games during a party that would accentuate the theme. Simply create a group of party settings that includes that image change, then you’re ready when it’s time for the festivities.

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Game Theory

If you’ve ever had difficulty getting your kids to get more involved with game night, it may be time to put away the board games and consider interactive video displays. Playing on interactive screens will give everyone what they want: a family game night that’s exciting and in line with the times. As a parent, it means bringing your whole family together and keeping your kids engaged throughout the activity. You can play a multiplayer video game on multiple screens so that it’s easy to see and play. Make sure that everyone is having an enjoyable time with interactive video displays.

If you’re ready to make your home’s artwork or family game night more modern and fun, give us a call. Working with an integrator will ensure that every step of the installation process goes smoothly. Plus, if you ever have a problem, you know where you can turn.