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Want Better Video Conferences?

Check Out The Latest Conference Room Camera Features

Want Better Video Conferences?

Today’s technology lets us productively collaborate with colleagues, customers, suppliers, and vendors from Dallas to Plano or from Dallas to Shanghai.  The tremendous popularity of collaboration software like Skype, GoToMeeting, Zoom, Slack and others have made it easy to share information and see and hear meeting participants almost like they were in the same room.

Another feature of collaboration is that it stretches the physical limits of meetings too.  Whereas you might not have room for 40 people in a conference room, you could hold a presentation for 40 people through a video conference and still have attendees ask questions directly.  But if you want to optimize the collaboration experience – whether it’s a 6 person meeting or a presentation to 40 – there is equipment that helps make sure the messages come across loud and clear.

In this blog, we’re going to focus on conference room cameras.  Let’s take a look at some of the features you should consider to upgrade your video conference experience.


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Field of View and Zoom

Depending on the size of your room, you may want optical zoom capabilities. For a small room, a camera with a wide field of view may be all that’s needed. For larger rooms, you may want the ability to zoom up close to speakers or demonstrations. Some cameras have pan and tilt capabilities, where the camera can be pointed to different parts of a room, a speaker, or a whiteboard. Some feature infrared remote control (like a TV remote), which can come in handy for remote control during the meeting too.


RS-232 Camera Control

RS-232 is a standard control protocol. The importance of this is that it makes a camera compatible with an automation system like that of our partner Crestron. So if you want full automation in your conference room, to control lights, shades, monitors, and projectors, consider a camera with this feature to enable integration with your control system.


USB 3.0

USB 3.0, as you may be familiar with, is a high-speed computer data protocol. Look for cameras with USB 3.0 as they will transmit video images in HD quality with much less compression than over a USB 2.0 interface. Most laptops today come with USB 3.0 standard. You’ll want to outfit your room with USB 3.0 compatible cable for connections.


Installation Options

Depending on your conference room, a camera (or cameras) may be table mounted, wall mounted, or ceiling mounted. Some cameras accommodate multiple mounting modes; some don’t.  Think about where you want your cameras and how they’ll be used to choose the right models.


Built-In Microphones

Some cameras, for smaller rooms, include built-in microphones. For larger rooms, you will likely want multiple microphones or microphone arrays to ensure everyone is heard in meetings.


Live Streaming

New models are supporting live streaming capabilities. If you want to hold a press conference, for example, a camera system with live streaming capability can support sending live video to many participants over a network like Skype for Business. If you’re a small company, you can look like a much bigger one using technology like this.


Software Compatibility

We mentioned the popularity of collaboration software like Zoom and Skype. Make sure that your camera integrates easily with your services of choice.


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