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Voice Control: The Future of Smart Home Automation

Combining Control4 and Alexa for a More Interactive Home Experience

Voice Control: The Future of Smart Home Automation

Communicating with your Allen, TX smart home is about to become even simpler. This year at CEDIA, Control4 announced a partnership with Amazon’s voice control products—Echo and Dot--which means the world’s premier automation integrator and the most effective voice control are working together. Now, you can control most of your electronics by instructing Alexa, or the name of Amazon’s voice services. When you’re walking out the door with your arms full, you can simply tell your system to turn off the lights or close the shades without missing a step. If you’re thinking about adding Alexa to your smart home family, here are a few things you should know beforehand. 

The Installation Situation

Change can seem daunting, but adding Alexa to your Control4 system should be a straightforward process. In fact, the setup occurs on a pure software level, with no hardware changes. There are no major adjustments needed in the pre-existing structure of your smart home integration. Working with an integrator will ensure that there are no hiccups in the setup and that you know how and where you can use it.

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Location, Location, Location

You will next need to consider exactly where voice control will be most convenient. The inclusion of Alexa does not mean the exclusion of your other controls; you can mix and match as you please. Also, voice control works best in conjunction with scenes. A scene is a collection of settings across all your devices that sets a certain mood for different home happenings. This is because as you incorporate more devices, there will be more commands to remember. Setting scenes will create a more natural communication process, where you simply tell your house what you’re doing and it reacts.

There are certain locations where it may make more sense to add an Echo or a Dot product. Think for instance of the foyer: doesn’t it always seem your hands are full when you’re coming in and out of the home? Plus, those times are usually the moments when you need to make the most adjustments. When there’s an Amazon product in that area, you can simply say “Alexa, I’m home” or “Alexa, I’m leaving for work” and your statement will automatically ensure your home goes to the prescribed settings you programmed for those scenes. However, there are locations where voice control may make less sense. For instance, if you’re entering a bedroom while a partner or child is sleeping, you may want to use the remote and keep things quiet while turning on some dim lighting. Working with an integrator can help you decide where voice control would work best for your home.

However, the most exciting aspect of the Control4 and Amazon partnership is not the added convenience or the ease of use. Instead, the most exciting features are the ones to come. Voice automation is the future of smart control, so get a head start. Contact us today to see the possibilities for your home.