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Turn it Up a Notch with High-quality Audio in Your McKinney Home

Enhance Your Audio in Every Room with Premium Products

Turn it Up a Notch with High-quality Audio in Your McKinney Home

If you aren't satisfied with the quality of the audio in your home, there are a few slight changes you can make to achieve a fuller, crisper sound. Crown Audio Video has solutions for every budget and project size. So whether you want to upgrade your home theater system in the living room, or install a complete whole house audio system, we can meet you wherever you're at. Continue reading to discover how subtle changes in your McKinney, Texas home can make a big difference.

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Add a Soundbar

Here is a common scenario: you buy a brand new flat-screen TV, you bring it home and are disappointed with the sound. The picture looks beautiful, but you have to turn up the volume to the max level just to hear your show. The truth is that the thinner TVs become, the worse off the speakers inside are. The average TV has two speakers that are just barely larger than the size of a quarter. With speakers that size, you can't expect to get a full sound that you can really feel.

While adding a surround sound system and connecting it to your TV is a great option, if you don't have the budget for a full 5.1.2 or 7.1.2 system, a high-quality soundbar will do the trick in the meantime. Add a soundbar by a quality manufacturer like Phase Technology and you can turn up the volume as loud as you like and will notice the difference in clarity. Phase has a 3-way ultra-fidelity, audiophile-grade soundbar that will certainly impress, called the Teatro PC3.0. It has a left, center, and right channel speaker inside the soundbar. We can even customize the soundbar so that it matches the width of your TV. Give us a call and we can mount this beautiful soundbar in your living room!

Put Your Speakers in the Ceiling

Typically, when you first start out buying speakers for your home you might go with a standalone wireless speaker, like Sonos or Bose, and place it in your bedroom or kitchen. While there are many quality wireless speakers on the market that you can place in every room in your home, the downside it that it can be difficult achieving and evenly distributed sound. Place a speaker on your kitchen counter facing the stove, and you'll hear great sound while you're frying an egg, but it won't be the same as you move over to the corner kitchen cabinets.

Sound is directional, so in order to fill every corner of the room with even sound, you need multiple speakers in strategically placed locations. Instead of investing in one speaker in each room, purchase a whole house audio system. Our team will install speakers in the ceiling so that as your move throughout the house, you'll hear the same sound at every turn. An additionally benefit is that you won't take up extra space on your counters and bookshelves.

Connect Your Phone

Though connecting your phone to your speakers doesn't have anything to do with the quality of the audio, it is certainly convenient. Today's audio equipment usually comes with an app that you can download onto your iPhone or Android so you can easily play music in your home. You'll be able to instantly start the party and entertain friends, or wind down after work by taking your phone out of your pocket and pressing play. You'll get to choose from dozens of stations, like Pandora Internet radio and even stream your personal music collection.

Would you like to add some of these new features to your McKinney home? Give us a call or fill out this online form to talk to our team of audio experts.