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Turn Any Room Into a Video Conferencing Room

All You Need is Crestron Mercury and a Laptop or Smartphone

Turn Any Room Into a Video Conferencing Room

Some 15 to20 years ago, holding a video conference could be a slow, tedious, and painful experience.  The equipment was bulky, the video was grainy, and a call could easily lag or freeze, making for a less than collaborative experience.

Today we routinely use video collaboration solutions from laptops and mobile devices, with excellent resolution and audio capabilities thanks to today’s powerful and sophisticated hardware and software.  Apps like Zoom, Slack, Skype, GoToMeeting, and many others offer the ability not only to see and hear the person on the other end, but also share screens, files, and additional information as well.

When you get into a conference room, the same ease of use and low cost doesn’t always translate to that arena.  Some systems can be costly and don’t let you use the conferencing and collaboration solution of your choice.  What if you wanted a system that enabled you to use the devices you use for collaboration every day – laptops, tablets, and smartphones -  but also gave you the right audio and video capabilities necessary in the meeting room so everyone can participate, in the room and remotely.

That’s why Crestron, a longtime leader in conference room design, created Mercury. Read on to find out how Mercury brings enterprise-class collaboration capabilities to one meeting room or many. 


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Crestron Mercury is an easy to use product that can turn anything from a huddle room to a conference room into a video conferencing and collaboration space. It’s a tabletop system that puts together a high-performance microphone and speaker, touchscreen, and connectivity for audio and video connections.


Bring Your Own Device

Most professionals like to pick their own devices and applications for collaboration. Sometimes, more than one is used depending on the capabilities or whichever one an external client or supplier is using. Mercury provides the base to expand collaboration from a laptop or smartphone to an entire room. Here are some ways it does that:


  • Bluetooth connectivity – start a call from someone’s smartphone or VOIP (voice over IP) app, and the sound can be connected to Mercury for clear, full duplex conversation through Mercury’s 360-degree microphone array and speaker.
  • Connect an AV source (laptop or consumer electronics device) via HDMI for sharing slides, screen content, etc. For wireless devices, the built-in Airmedia gateway allows smartphone or tablets to share content wirelessly, including full-motion HD video.
  • Mercury can also be equipped with a USB camera so that the whole room can get in the picture.
  • Connecting a laptop with Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, Zoom, or Slack turns that laptop into a video conference and collaboration room with Mercury.
  • Zoom rooms mode offers a way to tie into the popular and user-friendly Zoom collaboration platform.


Flexibility and Integration

There are even more useful features that make it extremely flexible. If you wire your room with the right cabling for PoE (power over Ethernet), Mercury can be connected and powered over just one slim Cat6 cable, creating a cleaner and neater installation.

Crestron also has two apps that aid in the management of these assets. Fusion is an application that can schedule Mercury equipped rooms and also monitor their usage. It integrates with popular business calendaring software like Microsoft Office 365 and Google Calendar, making reserving a Mercury room as easy as scheduling a meeting. It provides data on usage including how often, what features are used, and alerts to IT staff if there are technical issues. The Crestron Pinpoint app offers mobile access to schedule meetings with Mercury equipment. Once in a meeting, the app helps connect a smartphone to the system to share content wirelessly.


Give your employees the power to collaborate in your space, with their devices and platforms of choice. Give us a call at (214)-377-9434 or reach out to us here.