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The Future of Smart Home Automation

5 Reasons to Invest in New Technology

The Future of Smart Home Automation

In a recent Forbes article, the Forbes Technology Council laid out the next steps forward they believe automation will take. From that list, we wanted to discuss five specific innovations and what they can do for you. If you currently live with smart home automation in your Westlake, TX residence, the new products will fit seamlessly into your system. If you’re thinking of building a new home or remodeling your residence, then these represent five more reasons to modernize your property. To learn more, continue reading.

Toast to Your Health

A future smart home feature will come from innovations in AI and homes that can learn. On an average day, these advances will translate into a home that is more attuned to your needs. The data collected from your activities will be synthesized to make better predictions about your needs and adjust the settings accordingly. Ultimately, these features could help you in an emergency as your home will recognize any abnormal behavior that could be stemming from ill health. One day, your home could make the call that saves your life. 

Speak Your Mind

As voice control technology begins to improve, your voice-activated assistant--like Siri and Alexa--will understand you better. Down the road, you’ll be able to express a mood, as in “Alexa, I’m ready to chill,” and your ideal relaxation zone will form around you. Your assistant can draw the shades, dim the lights, and play a jazz record on your whole home audio system. Again, your technology will start to learn about your tastes and preferences, so that you can have what you want automatically.

Get a New Frame of Mind

We’ve all seen the digital picture frames already on the market. They have offered a way to easily display photos from your digital life, create slideshows, and change your imagery quickly. In the years to come, look here for innovation. Next, these frames could recognize who’s in the room by what phones are near and change the imagery to reflect the individual’s tastes. 

Go Off the Grid

Smart home automation requires a strong and secure wireless network installation. While that is not likely to change, you can expect that smarter devices will not need to be connected to Wi-Fi. This might be coming a little way down the road, but means the ultimate protection for your data. While taking steps to protect your network is still necessary, this innovation will guarantee that certain, sensitive data is safe from hacking. 

Start a Buzz

About 10-15 percent of electricity is lost as it moves from the power plant to your home. Micro-generating could cut that loss down to fractions of a percent. These mini power plants, located in your home, generate the energy you need, and can even help heat your home at the same time. Help the planet, make your home more efficient, and cut your monthly bills with this smart home innovation. 
If you’re ready to take a step into the future, contact Crown Audio Video today. By laying a smart home framework today, you’ll be ready when these new features hit the market in the years to come.