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Spruce Up Your Space with Lighting and Shade Control

Smart Technology Doesn’t Have to Impede Your Interior Design

Spruce Up Your Space with Lighting and Shade Control

How your home runs should take just as much precedence as how your home looks.  But so many believe smart technology does not mesh well with most interior designs.

We’re here to show that you don’t have to compromise style for practicality.

Taking your Lakeland, TX space to the next level with lighting and shade control shouldn’t hinder your aesthetics.

Read on to see how you can elevate your living area both with style and convenience.



Elegant Window Treatments

You might have gorgeous, floor-to-ceiling windows encompassing your home’s rooms.  But what happens when the sun shines right on through midday, ruining a movie or damaging your home’s interiors?

Normal shades can be hard to reach and manage – motorized shades just take a simple push of a button.  Use your remote or smartphone to lower and raise the shades up periodically throughout the day.

And the great news?  You have endless styles, fabrics, and patterns to choose from to go with your room’s design.

Dual Shading: More Options

Maybe you’re sitting down for a film or TV show, or trying to take a nap while the sun is high in the sky.  Blackout shades are the perfect option to immerse yourself in total darkness.

Of course, there’s the fear that dark shades won’t go well with your existing décor.  But that’s where dual shading comes in.

You have the option to pick more than one shade to automate.  Use blackout shades for moments like those mentioned above, and then roll them up when you’re through.  Then you can lower your sheer or colorful shades that enhance every part of your room’s theme.

Lighting Control Creates a Glow

Your lighting control system comes in handy with illuminating your spaces and showcasing certain features in each room to appeal to the eye.  But it can also work well with natural lighting.

Installing photo sensors means your system can detect when the sun is shining inside, and can dim your lights to accommodate.  The dimmed lights will save you energy and will create a beautiful glow to the area.

Those same sensors can also determine if the sun is getting too bright, and in certain rooms with artwork and delicate furniture, the sensors can lower your shades for that needed protection.

Your lighting and shade control can be eco-friendly, protective of your interiors, and add that perfect style to every space.

Looking to add that something special to your home without ruining your design?  Lighting and shade control know how to keep comfort and décor aligned.

Want to learn more?  Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team.  We’d love to hear from you!