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Sonance Offers Audio Solutions for Your Whole Home

Audio Systems for Every Room in Your Westlake, TX Home

Sonance Offers Audio Solutions for Your Whole Home

You have taken the time to design your ideal home. You have selected the furniture, artwork, and accessories with care. Perhaps there is one aspect you’re forgetting: the sound. Music can personalize your home and establish the right mood for any space. With a whole home audio system, every room can easily become an expression of you. However, the addition of an audio system shouldn’t distract from your style but rather mesh with each space. Consider Sonance speakers to preserve your style while adding the best quality sound. To learn more about Sonance’s solutions and how they might fit into your home and lifestyle, read on. 

Hidden Speakers

The invisible series from Sonance allows you to do both: have great sounding speakers without interrupting the style of a room. This style of speaker works well in the main areas of your home, like the kitchen, dining room, and living room. In these rooms, you don’t necessarily have the space for bulky audio equipment, but still want to have music for entertaining or nights-in with the family.

The in-wall design is one of the most popular options. These speakers have been designed to be heard and not seen. They are installed into your walls and lie flush with the surrounding areas. Then, simply paint over or add wallpaper to the speaker and it will appear as if there is no speaker there. You may think that you would be sacrificing sound quality in the pursuit of style, but these in-wall speakers deliver world class sound. Each speaker boasts a 170 degree sound dispersion, which means even more volume and better sound quality throughout the room.

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Home Theater

To create a perfect home theater, you cannot neglect the audio. The cinema relies on a powerful audio system. Sonance offers the resources required for an immersive media experience for your home theater or media room.

One option is the Visual Performance Cinema series. These speakers are created to deliver “Hollywood-at-home,” meaning the same quality of audio that a cinema offers. It was designed to produce even sound: bass that hits hard, but without overpowering the dialogue. We can also provide custom made cabinets for your speaker to match the architecture and acoustic needs of your room.

Sonance also offers subwoofers for impactful bass. Each subwoofer uses an amplifier meant to bring out the best possible bass from each speaker, automatically. These Sonance subwoofers also keep style in mind as they provide hidden options as well.

Outdoor Entertainment

When designing your whole home audio system, don’t forget about the outdoors. Audio makes your patio the perfect space for entertaining--especially during Texas’s lovely spring months. Once again, Sonance offers an outdoor solution that focuses on sound quality while never forgetting about style. These speakers are completely weatherproof and equipped to fill a lot of empty space with sound.

The Sonance Landscape Series (SLS) offers the most powerful sound, which is especially useful for a large outdoors space. Each satellite speaker has a below-ground subwoofer. The speakers are small enough to hide behind plants or natural elements, while the subwoofers are completely unseen. But don’t let the size fool you; you’ll be blown away by the sound quality.

If you’re looking for speakers with even less visual impact, Sonance offers speakers and subwoofers that mimic the appearance of rocks or that are hidden in garden beds and under roof eaves. If you love your landscaping, your speakers don’t have to get in the way.

Are you ready to bring great quality sound from Sonance to your Westlake home? Crown Audio Video is ready to help. Contact us today to get started.