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Set the Scene with Lighting Control

How the Right Light Can Enhance your Home Theater Design

Set the Scene with Lighting Control

Many factors go into creating your ideal home theater design. One factor that you might not consider could have the biggest impact on your comfort and movie watching experience. An automated lighting system can help you set the scene. You can work with an integrator to develop preset lighting schemes that you may want to have in the bank on movie night. For your Fort Worth, TX home theater, we’ve laid out six distinct lighting scenes and when they may come in handy. 


To recreate an authentic cinema experience,  utilize lighting control to mimic the lights of a commercial theater. When everyone is settled into their chairs, you can click play. When the lights are integrated into your whole home theater design, they will automatically fade to black when the movie starts. Or you can leave certain lights on a dim setting; it all depends on your preference! 

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Bathroom Break

One of the best aspects of having a home theater is that you can stop or start the movie whenever you want, including when you need to take a bathroom break. When you pause the movie, you can also have a path of lights lead you from your seat to the door. That way, a bright light won’t disturb anyone in the room, but you won’t be stumbling around in the dark.

Snack Time

Along the same lines, maybe you need to pause the movie to grab a quick bite to eat. Maybe you have a snack stand in your home theater. Create a custom setting that leads you or your guests to the snack bar, and gently lights that area. You can easily grab more popcorn without breaking the flow of the evening.

Also, consider leaving a dim light on throughout the movie. If your snacks are a bit more complicated than popcorn or candy, you can use the light to see what you’re doing and eat in comfort.


Your theater is a wonderful way to bring date night home. You can use the lighting to set the right mood. Dim the lights to make the room seem lit by candles. You can even add a red tone for a little extra romance.

Drive-in Theater

If you want to get a bit more creative with your home theater design, consider adding lights in the ceiling. Let’s say you’re looking to make your theater look and feel like a drive-in theater. You can utilize ceiling mounted fiber optics to develop your version of the night sky. You can have the lights twinkle, add a shooting star, or recreate the constellations for more authenticity!


When the movie is over, and it’s time to clean up, you’ll be grateful that you’ve preset a clean-up scheme. This setting should bring all the lights on and at full intensity. That way you’ll be able to find any mess that may have occurred while you were immersed in the movie and high-performing audio.

Lighting can truly put the finishing touch on your theater. Contact Crown Audio Video today to learn more about what it takes to design a top-notch home theater.