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Save Energy with Motorized Shades

A Green Home Starts Here

Save Energy with Motorized Shades

A smart home means added convenience and style, but it also means a more energy efficient space. If you’re looking for a simple, smart solution to save electricity, then look no further than motorized shades. Especially in a hot Texas town like Westlake, having some control over the sun can drastically improve your home’s energy footprint. The best part is that, besides adding efficiency, these window dressings are custom made to look great in each space. To learn more about how motorized shades can help you save money and make your home greener, read on. 

Block Out Heat

While natural light is an excellent feature for a home, it does have a few drawbacks. Take for instance the added heat coming through uncovered windows. As the sunlight streams into the windows all day, it can significantly heat up your home. That means you will need to crank up the AC in order to maintain a comfortable climate. The heating and cooling systems of a home can use around 27 percent of your total electricity use, so changes to your AC usage can really make an impact.

This is where motorized shades come in. Because all your shades operate under one control system, it’s simple to schedule all your shades to close at once. Create a custom schedule that will close all the shades around the time you leave for work. Your shades will help block out the sun’s heat throughout the hottest parts of the day. Then schedule the shades to open again around the time you come home so that you can enjoy the natural light. Energy saving was never so convenient!

You can also select shades that are specifically designed to keep your home cooler. Honeycomb shades, for instance, trap heat and work wonders for insulating your home. You can also couple your honeycomb shades with automatic drapes to maintain your style and add an extra level of insulation.

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Use Natural Light

By combining your motorized shades with a lighting control system, you can reduce the amount of electricity you use to illuminate your home. When the two solutions are operating under one smart home system, they will work together to cut your energy bills. For instance, use a sensor to monitor how much light is in each room of your home. The sensor will make sure that you have a comfortable lighting level, while using as little energy as possible. If the room is well-lit, then the lights can automatically dim to make sure that you aren’t using unnecessary electricity. Studies have shown that dimmed lights can save about 20 percent on your energy use, so expect your next bill to show the results.

Utilize the latest in technology to ensure that you aren’t wasting energy. Just adding motorized shades to your home is a great first step, but whole home automation is the best way to ensure that your home is working at its most efficient. Contact Crown Audio Video today to learn more.