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Save Energy in Your Building with Motorized Window Treatment

Lutron Smart Shading Solutions Optimize the Use of Natural Light

Save Energy in Your Building with Motorized Window Treatment

Despite the abundance of energy sources here in Texas, most businesses are concerned with energy consumption.  Whether driven by environmental concerns or cost, it is a wise move for any business not to waste energy.

 Of course, there are a variety of solutions that can help with energy management in commercial environments. Lighting control and climate control automation are technology solutions that can significantly increase energy efficiency.

One area that perhaps doesn’t get as much attention as lighting and climate control is motorized window treatments. Managing natural light effectively can be the perfect complement to these other forms of automation. And like the other two, it yields benefits in increased comfort and even worker productivity.

Want to gain more insight into motorized window treatment for your Frisco,TX commercial building?  Just keep reading.

Control the Light, Elegantly

We all know the Texas summer heat and sun are fierce. Large office building windows, despite their tinting, still allow for glare and heat buildup at the height of the day. The challenge is to harness the natural light yet minimize the heat and enable the HVAC systems to work efficiently. Lutron’s smart shading solutions offer a broad array of 200 fabrics that carefully balance excellent aesthetics with performance; minimizing glare and heat but allowing natural light in for a more pleasant work environment.

Adaptive Smart Shading

Lutron’s solutions make the most of daylight efficiently through sensors and their Hyperion solar adaptive technology. The Hyperion system automatically adjusts Lutron motorized shades based on the position of the sun as tracked by the sensors.  Their wirelessly mounted window sensors add the intelligence to adjust shades up or down for cloudy conditions or shadows that may occur from dynamically changing conditions. Shades can be grouped to operate in unison or to function independently and adjust individually to outside light as it moves across a building's façade.

Glare through car windshields and windows can be both distracting and uncomfortable, if unchecked in an office environment.  Lutron's specially engineered fabrics can cut glare by varying amounts depending on sun exposure.  Studies show that glare can reduce productivity by 20%.  Similarly, research also indicates that access to outside views can also improve productivity, so having choices in fabrics to allow for natural light, maintaining external views, and reducing glare are essential for maintaining an engaging work environment.

Integrated and Intelligent Control

Lutron’s motorized shading products - like all Lutron solutions - integrate expertly with both other Lutron solutions like commercial lighting control and system from different vendors. High-end Lutron lighting solutions like Quantum and Enterprise Vue can manage shading and lighting that spans one floor to an entire building.  With Lutron, you can get the automation that makes your commercial property more efficient, and you also can give workers the ability to control their environment when needed to enable a more productive workforce too.

Harness natural light efficiently with Lutron motorized window treatment in your Frisco buildings. To learn more, call us at (214) 377-9434, fill out our online contact form, or click below to be instantly connected to one of our specialists.