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Prepare Your Media Room for the Whole Family

The Latest in Media Room Design Tips and Tricks

Prepare Your Media Room for the Whole Family

In your family, everyone probably has their own form of entertainment. Maybe your son is only interested in playing the latest video game. Meanwhile, your daughter wants to stream her favorite show on Netflix or Hulu. Then we have your spouse who wants high-performing audio to fully enjoy his or her vinyl collection. And finally, you just want to enjoy a good film on a Friday night. The good news is that proper media room design and state-of-the-art technologies make it possible to optimize the space for everyone. To learn more about bringing harmony to your McKinney, TX family room, continue reading. 

The Audiophile

For the music fan in the family, high-performance audio is extremely important. That means paying close attention to the equipment and how they fit together and in the space. For multi-purpose media room design, however, you may not want the audio equipment to take center stage.

One solution, we recommend, is hidden speakers. These speakers can be installed in the walls and ceiling to create an envelope of sound similar to that of a theater experience. An audio professional can help you stage the speakers and set the acoustics to ensure superior listening.

Using smart home control, you can also easily switch between your audio source whether that be a record from your vinyl collection or your favorite streaming service. Using an app on your tablet, you can switch between these options to suite your current listening mood. You can also utilize this audio for other forms of entertainment by switching the audio source to the appropriate media.

The Cinephile

Dedicated home theaters have set the standard for home entertainment. Because the space is designed around the viewing experience, you feel just like you’re in a movie theater right in your home. However, not every homeowner wants to devote a space to just movie watching, so what’s the cinephile to do?

Luckily, today the market is full of technology that can help you create the same experience in a media room. One common problem that movie watchers have is the ambient light present in the average family room. If you are using a projector and screen combination, find a screen that is designed to reject the ambient light for a crystal-clear picture. Also, you can utilize motorized blackout shades that can close automatically as part of your movie watching “scene.” Smart home control allows you to preset all of the room’s technologies to their proper level, position, or source. Then, when you want to watch a movie, just press one button, and you’ll feel like you’re in a professional theater.

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The Streamer and The Gamer

With so many great television and game options these days, it makes sense to invest in high-quality equipment. That starts with the best picture quality television on the market. A 4K television provides true-to-life picture so you can see every detail, which makes it perfect for seeing all the intricate graphics of the latest edition of Call of Duty. Find a 4K television with streaming services built in. The TV buff in your family can then easily access his or her favorite shows and movies. Again, smart control makes it simple to switch between these sources, adjust the volume, or even lower the shades from one remote or a smart device.

In order to fully enjoy your shows and games, you’ll also need a strong home Wi-Fi network. Work with your audio video professional to build a robust system from finding the right router to wiring and security. Investing in a network today means avoiding lag times and buffering issues tomorrow.

Creating a media room that satisfies everyone in your family is possible when you partner with the best-in-class AV professionals. From the right equipment to simple, smart control, Crown Audio Video can help you make the dream a reality. Contact us today to get started.