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Optimizing Your Business with IoT

How Building Automation Can Simplify Your Workday

Optimizing Your Business with IoT

Technology is everywhere you look in your Dallas, TX, office: The smartphone in your pocket. the computer you're likely reading this on, even the overhead lights and HVAC system. You probably waste a lot of time throughout your day dealing with each device. But what if you could simplify and automate everything for convenience and increased productivity? A building automation system can do just that. Keep reading to learn more about how the internet of things, technology integration, and more can help you achieve your day-to-day goals.

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What Is IoT?

"Internet of Things" is a popular phrase for many business owners, but few know how it works. Primarily, IoT is built on the concept that technology abounds within businesses and that if the different devices could work together, they would be more productive and efficient.

An IoT system is comprised of separate technological devices with built-in sensors that allow them to speak to one another. For instance, your thermostat may talk to your lighting system, which may also speak to your motorized shading system. An internet connection facilitates these connections.

The most common type of wireless internet connection is Wi-Fi, and some low-end systems depend on Wi-Fi networks. However, professionally installed systems offer more sophisticated networking solutions like Z-Wave, which provide secure wireless connections that won’t slow down browsing capabilities.

When all the devices work together, you can count on your system to streamline comfort, save energy, and lower operating costs.

How You Can Benefit from Building Automation

A building automation system, like one from Crestron, offers even more sophisticated connection abilities and control options. Users can count on the system to operate virtually hands-free, but you also manage everything from a single, comprehensive interface to make adjustments and control their various connected devices.

To clarify: IoT refers to the connected devices, but a building automation system is a comprehensive way to control those devices. You can adjust the lights, lower the shades, change the temperature, and control the AV with the touch of a single button. 

Crestron provides an intuitive interface that helps you see what you’re controlling. With a single tap, you can completely transform the function of a room.

Want to learn more about how smart automation and IoT can transform your workday? Get to know Crestron solutions first hand by clicking here and learning more today.