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New Year, New Tech for Your Home

Bring Smart Home Automation to Your Space in 2019

New Year, New Tech for Your Home

Are you ready to elevate your surroundings this new year?  A way to do that is by simply making everyday life that much easier.

In the smart home automation industry, there are technology upgrades and innovations happening daily.  We go through some of the best trends and features this new year has to offer, and how they can completely enhance your Preston Hollow, TX space.


Distributed Audio and Video

Don’t let the mundane tasks and routines of the day bog you down.  Bring your entertainment with you as you go throughout your home!

Whole home audio and video means your media follows you.  Full integration means you have control over playing film or music in any part of your property.

Set your system to wake up you to a motivating song, or to turn on the TV when your favorite show is ready to start.

Watch your movie or show in the living room, and never miss a single scene as you travel to the bedroom or outside to the patio!  The same goes for your tunes – and it can all be controlled by your smart device of choice.

Safety and Security

Keep an eye out on your home at all times – whether you’re there or away!  A smart security system can give you that needed peace of mind.

You can be gone for a day, a week, or more, and still stay on top of any happenings near your property.  Watch real-time surveillance footage on your smartphone or smart device from wherever you are.

Change angles, pan the cameras, and save videos to your device.  It’s never been easier to maintain a lookout on your place.

For added assurance, set your system to “away” mode, so your alarm is on, and so your lights will turn on and off throughout the day – imitating your daily routine and movements.  This will ward off unwanted guests and intruders from a seemingly occupied home.

Smart Lighting and Shade Control

There are various ways to combat those relentless sun rays shining through your beautiful windows.  Both lighting control systems and motorized shades are superb features to add to your home.

If it’s midday and the sun is coming in directly through to your rooms, possibly damaging interiors – all you have to do is press a button, and the shades will start to lower.  When you are ready to relax in the natural light’s glow, you can just as easily raise them again!

You can also set timers to have them adjust throughout the day, depending on the sun’s position in the sky, or if it’s a certain hour you’ve set them for.

Lighting control works the same way.  While it comes in handy for your “away” setting for your security system, you can also illuminate a room to your liking.

Dim or brighten the lights with ease.  Schedule your outdoor lighting to come on as soon as the sun sets, and for all your lights to turn off once you go to bed.

Sensors can tell when no one is in a room anymore, and turn off lights in there – effectively saving you money and energy!

Both smart lighting systems and automated shades can fit in seamlessly with your home design and layout.  Shades also come in a variety of fabrics and patterns, giving you a ton of styles to choose from that match your aesthetics.

There are endless smart home automation features to bring to your Texas house, and the new year is the best time to get started.  Want to learn more about these awesome technologies?

Give us a call or fill out our quick online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation.  Our team would love to hear from you!