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Motorized Shades: The Versatile Solution

4 Ways to Use Your Automated Shading

Motorized Shades: The Versatile Solution

A total home automation solution is not complete without motorized shades. Now, that’s a bold statement, but this solution adds so much to a home it’s hard to imagine a smart home without it. If you’re curious about how automated shading can fit into your Fort Worth, TX home, we’re covering four specific features and functions of motorized shades. Keep reading to learn more

Improve Your Entertainment Spaces

Light can play a pivotal role in how you enjoy your entertainment systems. In spaces like your living room or media room, the amount of light you want can vary. If you’re watching a television show, you probably want to limit the amount of light streaming in through the windows. Then, if you’re playing pool or enjoying music, you might want more light. Motorized shades make it simple to tailor the room to any activity. You can even program them into scenes designed for these activities. For instance, when you turn on the TV, maybe the blackout shades automatically cover the windows for your complete enjoyment.

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Increase Your Privacy

Bedrooms, bathrooms, and other private spaces also have windows. However, you probably don’t want to feel like someone could see you through the window--especially at specific times of the day. Pair glare-reducing solar shades with heavier drapes. The shades let in a little light and maintain a comfortable temperature, while the drapes are there when you need a little extra privacy. Easily change your settings depending on your needs at the touch of a button with a touch panel, wall switches, or your smart devices.

Control Your Light

One problem with traditional window treatments is that you have to go around and manually adjust each one in the room. With motorized shades, you can easily open or close every shade in the room in an instant. If you want an airy feel during the day, open all the shades in your living room, but if the sun gets a little too strong close them all at the touch of a button.

Pair your shades with lighting control to maintain a comfortable level of illumination. If your shades close and there is less light in the room, program your lights to automatically dim up so you won’t have to be distracted from enjoying a book or magazine.

Cover Your Whole Home--Even Hard-To-Reach Areas

If your home has a lot of windows in high places--like above the stairwell or high on the wall, it can be hard to manually adjust traditional shades. If there’s no ladder in the room, you probably have to live with whatever window covering is currently set. That can mean strange glares at certain times of the day, or light that is damaging only a small area of the carpeting. If that window is dressed with a motorized shade, it’s not a problem, just touch one button to open or close the shades, drapes or blinds in those hard-to-reach spots.

These four benefits are only a piece of the convenience and comfort that motorized shades add to Texas homes. To learn more, contact Crown Audio Video today.