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Manage Your Music Library with a Whole Home Audio System

Enjoy Multi-Room Audio With Smart Solutions from Control4

Manage Your Music Library with a Whole Home Audio System

Are you a music fanatic? If you are, then you are constantly purchasing, downloading or listening to new songs. You also often turn on the sound system while you’re doing various activities around the house, or entertaining family and friends. Music just makes life more fun and enjoyable. But how do you expand your music library and get the most out of the various music platforms available? When you have a professional audio/video installer by your side, you can enjoy virtually endless amounts of music in every room – whether you buy it or not. The smart home company Control4 has brand new whole home audio solutions that can simplify the way you listen to music in your Allen, Texas house. 

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Music Streaming Services

Internet radio is one of the biggest trends in music right now. You don’t have to pay for and own your music to listen to your favorite artists or the newest tracks. Every Control4 system comes with built-in music services including, Pandora, TIDAL, Deezer, and TuneIn. But what’s the difference between them? We’ll break down a few popular ones for you.


Pandora is a free music streaming service that creates radio stations based on your personal music tastes. Choose an artist, song, or music genre and the service will create a playlist for you. You can thumbs-up or thumbs-down each song to let it know you didn’t like its song choice. If you are registered with Pandora, all you have to do is select this service using the Control4 user interface on your tablet, smartphone, or Control4 touch screen device and where you’d like to play the music. This is perfect for themed parties or just casual listening around the house.


This is Jay-Z’s subscription-based streaming service, so you need to pay for access. It’s a perfect choice for audiophiles who are particular about the quality of the music coming out of your speakers. It plays high-quality, lossless audio. So when you blast music through hi-fi speakers like Phase Technology or Revel, you’ll be amazed at the sound.


Deezer is a UK-based streaming service that has become so popular that it has made its way over to the U.S. Control4 is the first smart home system to adopt this service. It gives you access to over 35 million songs with CD-quality, and over 30,000 radio channels. This service is free with ads, but there is a monthly subscription fee if you want to listen without them.

With Control4’s new OS 2.8 system, you get to see beautiful album cover art on the screen while the song is playing. Type in your personal code as you walk in the door and your smart home turns on your favorite streaming service the moment you enter.

Additional Features

Control4 amplifiers can play high-quality audio in four to eight stereo zones. Also, the Audio Matrix Switch allows you to play 16 different music streaming sources at the same time in 16 difference spaces. But what about your personal music libraries? The Wireless Music Bridge can connect your iTunes music library from you laptop or other computer device to the whole home audio system and play it throughout the house using Bluetooth and wireless technology. Purchase new music at any time and it automatically updates in your system. Control4’s new user interface is sleek, modern and easy to use so you can quickly browse through music, select stations and play them instantly. Rocking out to your favorite tunes has never been so easy!

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