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Make Your Digital Signage Stand Out in Dallas

Four Innovative Ideas for Digital Signage Design

Make Your Digital Signage Stand Out in Dallas

Once upon a time, the digital sign was a novelty. Whether it was a new sleek flat panel display for flight times at DFW - to a digital menu board at a new fast-casual restaurant, we may have marveled at the new way to present information that could be quickly updated and made more graphical and engaging.

Digital signs are showing up in many places, and sometimes we now just take them for granted. One example might be the sign that shows you that your prescription is ready to pick up in grocery store pharmacy counters. Perhaps that one doesn't get noticed much; it provides valuable but necessary information. For more marketing-oriented applications, you want something to pop and stand out.

Because of the cost-effectiveness of flat panel displays, you might think that all digital signage must fit within the confines of that tidy 16:9 format package. We would say that you can stretch a little and think outside the box - or the rectangle if you will - for innovative ways to set your digital signage designs apart in Dallas.

Are you ready for some different digital signage ideas? Read on below.

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3D Holographic Displays

3D Holography is rapidly coming down the cost curve thanks to the use of standard LED display technology. The innovation is mounting strips of LED on fan blades that rotate at high speed, and the results are almost magic - 3D lifelike holographic images like something out of a Hollywood sci-fi movie. HYPERVSN is the company behind this innovation, and they are offering stock imagery and authoring tools to develop attention-grabbing displays. Once you have the customer's attention, you could grab it further with the valuable information that more standard "in the box" digital signage can provide.


Projection Mapping

This technique involves projectors as the name implies and is a type of augmented reality that dates back to the 90s. It is often used to map color and movement onto stationary buildings, and with the right software can add new dimensions to a static display. A novel and large-scale use of this technology by Dallas-based Southwest Airlines is featured below, introducing one of their new jets. But projection mapping can be done on much smaller scales as well. And with the cost-effectiveness of today's 4K projectors (like those from our brand partner Sony) all it takes is imagination.


Edge Blending

Edge blending is merely using multiple projection images to put up a sizeable seamless image and typically involves overlapping image edges about 20 percent with multiple screens. It is a feature that can be used with most current projectors, and even some ultra-short throw projectors as well. Again, this sounds like something large scale, but it can be done in more limited spaces as well, like a blank wall in a retail store.

Video Walls

Technically the video wall may not get you thinking outside the rectangle, but that group of rectangular displays for the wall can take something other than a rectangular shape. The point is that video walls are large, impressive, and get attention if done correctly. The combination of stunning imagery, graphics, and video can engage customers and present the message you want to convey with memorable impact.

Crown Audio Video is ready to take your next Dallas digital signage design from idea to reality.  Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation with our team.  We’d love to hear from you!