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Make the Most of Digital Signage

3 Ways to Make Your Investment Work

Make the Most of Digital Signage

We’ve written before about innovative ways to make digital signage displays work for your Dallas organization or business. While the general cost of the technology like flat panel displays continues to decrease, digital signage is still a significant investment in equipment, installation, and the effort involved to use it effectively.

You want that investment to pay dividends for you over an extended period. There are many usages for digital signage, from the relatively simple to the complex. A solid plan for how to best leverage the technology is a must.

Let’s discuss three significant considerations to keep in mind to ensure that your digital signage investment works for you over the long term.


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Commercial-Quality Equipment

You might think a display is a display, right? Why not buy the cheapest HD or 4K TV and use it as a display, or a no-name Android touch tablet for something interactive? Commercial equipment - like digital signage displays from our partner NEC - is built to higher quality specifications and duty cycles, meaning it will typically last much longer than low-end consumer products. Another plus for commercial equipment is a greater variety of inputs and outputs, which increases versatility for different applications over time. Lastly, commercial displays and devices may come with a built-in system for information display, which may facilitate installation and maintenance, requiring fewer devices to connect and maintain.


Understand Your Applications

You want to have a clear plan for what you want to achieve with digital signage. Are you looking to create a memorable video wall to dazzle visitors to your corporate offices? Or do you need a simple system to show the daily specials on your restaurant’s menu? Similarly, if employing an interactive tablet for a kiosk in a retail store, you may want to think about whether it will have a specific application or if you envision that being a portal for customers to access more of your products or services in the store. A sense of how you want to use digital signage now, and in the future, can help guide the choice of equipment and systems in which to invest.


What Kind of Information and Content Do You Want To Present?

Digital signage can be used in a variety of ways - for information, marketing, motivation, entertainment, and more. But it’s essential to have a reasoned strategy for the content you are going to display on it. For example, in a restaurant, the main use might be a menu of daily drink and food specials. But you might want to promote a special prix-fixe dinner event coming up. Or you might want to remind patrons of happy hour specials and Sunday brunch. In any case, you would need to think about who keeps that information up to date, how often it is updated, and what system you might need to display and update the content. The last thing you would want is to have digital signage with stale content, or that doesn’t serve much of a purpose to customers, visitors, or any other constituencies.


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