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Make Collaboration More Interactive

Add Touchscreen Technology to Your Meeting Spaces

Make Collaboration More Interactive

The nature of work and collaboration is changing.  More powerful portable devices and new communication and collaboration software have radically changed the way information can be accessed and shared, speeding up decision making and changing the nature of workspaces as well.

We have discussed in the past the benefits of conference room technology and interactive displays for a variety of business and educational applications.  Interactive displays can also improve collaboration.  Just about everyone has a touchscreen smartphone, tablet, or other devices, and that has made the use of touch and gesture as common a way to interact with a computing device as a mouse, trackpad, and keyboard.  Microsoft had also made touch interaction a standard part of the Windows operating system, popularizing desktop touchscreen monitors and displays on laptops that can double as tablets. 

Given the ease of using touch as an interface, bringing that technology into collaboration spaces is a natural for today’s teams.  Display technology in meeting rooms has been evolving as well.  Where once the projector ruled supreme, flat panel displays now have the size, resolution, and ease of integration and connectivity that makes them perfect for many settings.  Touch technology for these larger monitors has evolved too, offering natural and lag-free interaction.

Let’s explore some ways touchscreen monitors and displays can improve productivity in your Dallas, TX meeting spaces.


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Touch Enabled Business Applications

Popular business applications and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Office and Evernote have inking and pen support that makes it easy for teams to collaborate in a group setting.  Imagine a discussion where there is a PowerPoint or Evernote presentation, and team members can go right up to the screen and highlight or annotate the material onscreen, as quickly as someone might do on a paper printout. Those notes can then be efficiently captured digitally and distributed to all attendees. 

With collaboration applications like Zoom, large conference room screens can be integrated with other touch devices like iPads.  Annotations can happen on personal devices or the meeting room touchscreen, and instantly be seen by all attendees, in the room or remotely. Using Zoom’s inking and annotation tools, ideas can also be quickly white boarded and discussed.

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are special purpose touch monitors that bring the classic whiteboard into the digital age with intelligent features.  Some whiteboards integrate natively with business applications like Google’s G Suite, others like Microsoft’s Surface Hub are tied to Microsoft’s applications.  Some interactive whiteboards also feature handwriting recognition similar to those found on note-taking applications, allowing collaborators to handwrite annotations and have them neatly converted to text for easier sharing and editing. While some basic whiteboard models act like digital versions of the traditional whiteboard, others integrate features like video and audio feeds for integrating communication. 

Are you ready to integrate touch monitor technology that will ramp up your team’s productivity in Dallas?  Just fill out our online contact form, or click below to instantly connect with one of our experts.