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Maintain Privacy and Efficiency with Sound Masking Solutions

Use These Boardroom Automation Solutions in Your Allen, Texas Office

Maintain Privacy and Efficiency with Sound Masking Solutions

There are many ways to use boardroom automation and other technologies in your professional office to benefit your Allen, Texas business. We've covered video conferencing, smart controls, and conference room audiovisuals, but this time we're going to talk about sound masking – an often overlooked issue in the workplace. Continue reading to learn what it is and how it can transform the workplace and help your operations.

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What is Sound Masking?

Sound masking, which is also referred to as white noise, provides privacy and confidentiality where needed. Crown's team of AV professionals would place speakers in the walls to create soft, background sounds that help cover the louder ones in large open areas. In an office environment, you may need sound masking in private rooms for meetings, in executive offices, or collaborative environments. It also helps reduce distractions in the workplace. Loud, talking employees may make it difficult for others in the room to focus. Unlike other acoustic treatments that block or change the sound, sound masking covers it by creating a more subtle sound to hide it. The result is that everyone can work comfortably, efficiently and privately.

How Does it Work?

White Noise Generators and Amplifiers

The amplifiers or generators provide the power and direction of sound to the speakers. No matter how big your building or office, we can install multiple zones of audio that support your company and cover every room and space. The equipment will be neatly tucked away out of sight so that it will not be an eyesore in the room. Just as you won't be able to notice the subtle sounds of the sound masking speakers, you won't notice the amplifiers, wires, or AV equipment in the conference room or common areas.


Sound masking speakers are specially designed to help reduce the range of fluctuations in the sound level and to increase the background sound level in order to complement and balance the existing noise. They emit a subtle sound and vibrations to help mute the louder voices in a room. Typically these speakers are installed in ceilings, but our team can work with your specific environment to provide the best solution and design.

Sound Masking Systems

These systems are special audio systems that create uniform sound levels throughout your space. They can be used in conjunction with multi-room music systems and intercom systems. You'll have fast access to the controls and can activate the sound masking at the press of a button, or simply leave the system on.

If you are interested in learning more about our sound masking, or "white noise" services for commercial environments, please fill out our online contact form!