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Lighting Control Is the First Step to Great Design

How to Use Automated Lighting to Make a Space More Inviting

Lighting Control Is the First Step to Great Design

If you’re an interior designer in the Dallas, TX area, you probably already know how important lighting can be. With the proper lighting, every room’s design elements are set to their advantage for a warm, inviting feel. Plus, the style of the actual lighting fixtures can have a strong impact on the entire look of the space. The problem is how to develop an illumination scheme that works with your design and is easy for the homeowner to replicate on a daily basis. That’s where lighting control comes into play. To learn more about the design power of automating your lights, read on. 

Set the “Scene”

The art of designing a home is combining style with function. You want every space to be beautiful, but the style should be resistant to use. As a homeowner utilizes their newly designed kitchen or living room, there should be a way to maintain your vision. Lighting control can help.

One way you can make sure your designs transition well into everyday life easily is by creating “scenes.” A lighting scene is a collection of settings that creates a particular mood. Automatic lighting also makes it easy to make these adjustments through their multifaceted controls. You can make changes through switches on the wall or through an app on a smartphone or tablet.

Working with a professional integrator and the homeowner, you could develop several key lighting scenarios throughout the house and for multiple occasions. These scenes can be used to optimize your decor and design. For the living room, develop a scheme that highlights the piece of art hanging over the mantle or draws attention to the antique rocking chair in the corner.

These settings will also be very useful for the homeowner. At the touch of a button, they can adjust the light to an ideal setting for watching television or cooking dinner.

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Tools of the Trade

In order to enhance the home’s style even further, most automated lighting systems include many options to customize the look and feel of the home’s lights. With lighting control, each can be incorporated into unique scenes and settings. Here are a few of our favorites:

     Color Temperature: While LED lighting has created a revolution in energy management, the light it emits is not particularly lauded by designers. The cool, blue light can be offensive to a particular style. Today, lighting control comes with the option to adjust the color temperature as easily as you would dim the light. Select the lighting temperature that creates the right feel for each space quickly and easily.

     Dimmers: Speaking of dimmers; these nifty features allow you to adjust the intensity of the light. They are a great way to establish a romantic mood for a dinner party or create the right brightness in a room with multiple light sources.

     Sensors: Automatic lighting can also be programmed to align with various sensors. For instance, daylight sensors will turn on lights as the natural light in the room fades.

Interested in all that lighting control can offer the world of design? Contact Crown Audio Video today to learn more.