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Let Us Customize Your Dallas, Texas Home with Control4 Smart Home Automation

Discover all the Benefits of Having a Smart Home from Crown Audio Video

Let Us Customize Your Dallas, Texas Home with Control4 Smart Home Automation

A new smart home study by Lowe's found that while Rosie the Robot is the futuristic feature consumers would want most from "The Jetsons," more than 70 percent of smartphone users in America just wish they could control something in their home from their mobile device. Overall, families want to make their homes safer, more energy efficient, and easier to manage. 

In this blog, we’ll show you how Crown Audio Video and Control4 can meet all of your smart home needs as well as give you the greatest benefits of automation technology

Make Your Home Safer

Protecting property is the top reason families get into home automation. And with so many new features today, there are a myriad of ways to make your house additionally secure. First, keep an eye on your home at all times with surveillance cameras and remote monitoring. With Control4, it’s easy to check in on your kids, babysitter, or the dog from anywhere in the world—right from your smartphone. By adding smart locks, surveillance cameras, and intercom technology, you can screen visitors by bringing up the video camera on your mobile device and then let them inside. Give each family member his or her own access code and change them for additional security. Control4 makes it simple and easy to stay connected to your system at all times with real-time updates via text message and emails so you know what’s going on at home at all times.

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Other than lighting, HVAC is the next greatest consumer of electricity in your house. So if you don’t pay attention to when it’s on or off, it can waste some serious energy and greatly increase your monthly utility bill. Changing the thermostat at varying times of day to save energy can get tedious, especially if you have a tendency to forget to adjust it. With climate control, your smart home manages the temperature throughout the day for you based on your preferences and goals. Your Control4 thermostat can adjust itself based on the “home” or “away” mode it’s in, and also on the time of day or current season. Pick a setting and let it automatically change at exact times, or give yourself full control and change it whenever you feel like it. You can also control fan speed settings and humidity levels with your Control4 wireless thermostat. Install motion sensors to trigger the fan to come on, or let it adjust based on the time of day.

Make Your Home Easier to Manage

Big families, big houses, and big schedules require more organization and management. Your Control4 system can be like your personal assistant, monitoring the grounds, keeping the house at the correct temperature, and turning on the music for some entertainment. Simply tell it what to do using your smartphone, tablet, or in-wall touch screen with the Control4 app, and then go about the rest of your day. Control4’s interface is also easy enough for anyone to use, from your 10-year-old to your grandmother. Personalize every room with lighting, shading, music, video and more.

Now you can throw away those old remotes! Use the Control4 app to manage your home at anytime from anywhere; it’s that easy.  

Are you ready to step into the future and make your home smarter? Start today by filling out our online form and telling us what features you are most interested in. The Crown Audio Video team is here to help you every step of way.