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Let Lighting Control Enhance Your Home's Style

Tips for Highlighting Your McKinney Home Throughout the Holiday

Let Lighting Control Enhance Your Home's Style

For the holiday season, expect more guests to stop by for parties and longer-term visits. You want to make certain that your home is being shown off to its best advantage. You will also want to ensure that your guests have minimal trouble adjusting to their new space and feel as comfortable as possible. After installing a lighting control system into your McKinney, TX home, you can take the stress out of this preparation and rest assured that your home both looks great and accommodates your company. To learn how the way you control your illumination can benefit your home’s style and convenience, read on. 


Accent Your Style

Ask any filmmaker or photographer: the way you light a space can drastically change its appearance. Often, homeowners focus on other aspects of their design plan and neglect to create a lighting strategy. When you take the time to establish a lighting system, your whole home’s style will come together. You can add lights to highlight your favorite piece of artwork, or lights to draw the eye to your favorite architectural feature. With their eye for any room’s lighting needs, working with a professional lighting team will help you create the perfect plan for your home. When friends and family arrive for your holiday party, they will see your home in the best light.

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Party Planning

Plus, with lighting control, you can establish the right mood for any occasion. You can do so by creating lighting “scenes,” or a collection of settings. For any Christmas festivities, you may want a candlelight feel, so dim all the lights in the main rooms, and turn them slightly up in the hallways where guests are moving about. Name these particular settings “Holiday Party,” and then simply select that scene the night of the party. Then, if you want to change the lights at any point, you won’t have to walk away from a discussion or activity—you can do so from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. You can focus on other worries that evening, trusting that your lighting will be on point.

Lighting control works best when integrated with other smart technologies. For instance, within a whole home automation system, you can expand that party scene to include music or media. Program your system to play holiday music at a low volume, and, with a click of the same button, it will turn on with the lighting pattern you have selected. You can even schedule the end of the party. Pick a time when you want your house to yourself and program the lights to get brighter slowly and the music to slowly get louder at that point. Signal to your guests without a word that you’re ready for bed.

Overnight Guests

When family or friends stay for more than one evening, use illumination to make their stay more comfortable. You can create a guest setting on your lighting controls. You could program your hallway lights to come on in the evening to lead your guests from their bedroom to the bathroom. This way, they won’t be fumbling in the dark for the unknown light switch location. Your guests will be at ease in your home, but they may not even be able to express exactly why they are so comfortable. This is the magic of lighting control.

If you’re considering incorporating lighting control into your McKinney, TX home, contact us today. We are here to help.