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Is Wireless Multi-Room Audio the Future?

New systems make it easier to listen in every room. But is it worth it?

Is Wireless Multi-Room Audio the Future?

For years, audio experts have held on to a simple truth: if you want to add multi-room audio to your Plano, TX property, you’ll need a hardwired system to get the best quality. But it’s 2020, and there have been plenty of advancements in wireless technology and decompressed music storage. So, do you still need a hardwired system to get the most out of it? In this blog, we’ll explore the surprisingly complicated answer. Ready to learn more? Keep reading.

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What’s Happening in Wireless

Within the past few years, wireless multi-room systems have become increasingly accessible to homeowners. Rather than a whole-home system with invisible speakers positioned throughout the house, mid-range products have flourished. Sonos remains at the front of the pack, with their simple-to-use, entry-level One speaker and Beam soundbar.

While Sonos isn’t capable of high-res playback, the Trueplay feature is what sets it apart. Whether you’ve set up one or multiple speakers, a single tap on your smartphone will instantly calibrate them for the room. If the speaker is behind a piece of furniture or otherwise impeded, it will still sound clear, as if nothing’s in front of it.

And for listeners who want a higher-quality product than what Sonos has to offer, Bowers and Wilkins last year unveiled the Formation suite. Similar to Sonos, in that it's capable of instant connections with other devices in the line, it differentiates itself in two significant ways. The first is that the components connect via an independent mesh network – that means it won't use up valuable Wi-Fi bandwidth. The second is that the system is capable of wired-fidelity, high-resolution, 24-bit, 96kHz playback.

In other words, it’s a high-end wireless system for your entire home.

Why Go with Hardwired?

At this point, you may be thinking that it’s a no-brainer: get a wireless system installed in your home today. And if you’re looking for multi-room music exclusively, those are two great systems to get you started. But at Crown, we believe in a system that can grow over time – not just with music, but with lights, shades, thermostat, AV, and more. And you can do that best with a hardwired system of compatible, integrated components.

Connecting your multi-room music system to a full-scale home automation system will give you even greater convenience. And with the increasing demand for smart home features, it will also likely raise your home value.  

A high-quality whole-home audio system is only part of the equation. If you plan to expand in the future, you can’t go wrong with reliable, high-res, hardwired connections throughout your entire home.

Want to learn more about the right type of multi-room system for your home? Click here or give us a call at (214) 377-9434.