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Is A Video Conferencing System Worth the Investment?

Crown Audio Video Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Texas Business

Is A Video Conferencing System Worth the Investment?

Video conferencing has become a reality in work places worldwide. Many companies see the new technology as a way to downsize and cut costs. But is that really the case? Taking into account the reduced travel and production costs, our partners at ClearOne predict the average system has a return on investment of six months. Crown Audio Video works in conjunction with ClearOne to craft a solution that will boost your Southlake, Texas business. Read on to find out why the right video conferencing system is worth the money.

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Ensure Effective Communication with Remote Employees

Recent technological advancements have made it easier than ever to setup an efficient home office. For this reason, many companies have downsized their physical presence to reduce rent and energy costs. What does video conferencing technology have to do with this? Efficient communication is the hallmark to success. It is important that the main office maintain constant communication with employees no matter where they are. You can accomplish this by installing video conferencing systems where needed, whether it’s a one-room home office or the main boardroom at company headquarters.

Save on Travel Costs With Video Conferences

For companies dealing with clients nationwide or even globally, the cost of air travel can become a huge burden. Not only do you have to deal with the price of airfare and hotels, but you also have to deal with the reduced labor productivity. Say for example your average worker makes $40 an hour. For a trip with a six-hour travel time, you also stand to sacrifice $240 worth of labor. Using these calculations, eliminating an entire year of travel could easily amount to over $50,000 in savings at an average company.

Increase Productivity With the Right Technology

According to ClearOne, video conferences are 20 to 30 percent shorter than regular meetings, increasing the labor productivity of your staff. A system with a high level of functionality and reliability allows meetings to flow seamlessly whether it’s a direct video call or one incorporating media sharing. With cameras and audio from the same company integrated into the system, you ensure all the components are primed to work together. By the same token, the systems are scalable which means it is easier to add new components or rooms to your conferencing solution.

Use Your Components in a Creative Way

A comprehensive conferencing system can serve many purposes. With your audio and video infrastructure already in place, you can use the system to record and produce content. Create in-house training videos, promotional content or webinars. The same system used to link presentations during conferences can be used to conduct effective presentations within your team. Meanwhile, the strong network installed to support your conferencing needs will also support any streaming needs related to your every-day work activity be it at your corporate offices or home office.
Invest in technology that promises a quick return on investment.

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