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Intelligent Design For Your Prosper Media Room

Creating Your Perfect Entertainment Space

Intelligent Design For Your Prosper Media Room

Media room design has two distinct challenges: creating the best performing audio/video system and creating a look and feel that matches your taste. Selecting equipment is usually where this debate requires some compromise. You find a good looking television, but it doesn’t have high-quality picture. Or, you find speakers that match the acoustics of your room, but they are too bulky. Luckily, there are products out there that require no sacrifice; you just have to know where to look. For your Prosper, TX home, we have found three pieces of equipment that offer the best performance and a sleek, stylish design. 

Screen Innovations

Let’s say your media room is meant to be more than just a space to watch television. Maybe you have a collection of classic arcade games or a pool table. This doesn’t mean that you don’t want the best quality picture, just that the TV shouldn’t always be the room’s focal point. Consider a screen and projector system. You may think that this option only works for a dedicated home theater, but Screen Innovations’ creations prove how effective this method can be in any room.

For one, Screen Innovations has motorized options. This means that your screen can roll up when it’s not in use. You can also install your projector to come down from the ceiling. When you don’t want to watch anything or play a video game, your equipment can hide itself while you enjoy your media room’s other features.

In addition, you can count on Screen Innovations to provide you with the ultimate picture and appearance. You can have your screen custom created to fit your space in size, shape and performance. Your screen can reject ambient light to display perfect picture in the middle of the day. Pair the screen with a 4K projector and experience the ultimate in picture quality.

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Hidden Speakers

You want the best audio system for your space, but you also don’t like the look of cumbersome speakers throughout the room. With hidden speakers, you can have it all. In-wall speakers are one of the most popular methods for hiding your audio equipment. These speakers are installed in your wall and look just like the surrounding drywall--you can even paint them the same color.

Working with a professional integrator means a smooth installation process. They will help you select your brand and type of hidden speaker. Plus, they will place the speakers in accordance with the acoustics of the room for optimal performance.

Flat Screen Televisions

Over the past decade, flat screen TVs have gone from being a thing of the future to a feature in every home. The appeal of the flat screen is the sleek and elegant appearance, but that doesn’t mean they all perform equally. When selecting a flat screen television for your media room, here are some things to keep in mind.

If you are going with a LED screen, make sure it uses local dimming. Local dimming will ensure that the color contrast is always on point. Back-lit televisions tend to do a better job with local dimming than edge-lit models.

Look for a TV that comes with streaming services. You won’t need as many accessories, and you’ll still get to enjoy all your favorite shows on your favorite mediums. Some new televisions also connect to your home’s Wi-Fi, so that you can fully browse the web right on your TV screen.

As you’re making all these decisions, Crown Audio Video can help. We will work with you, your tastes and your space to create the perfect media room. Contact us today and make this holiday season a whole lot more exciting.