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How to Transform Your Home Audio With McIntosh

The Audiophile Choice for Over 60 Years

How to Transform Your Home Audio With McIntosh

Are you an audiophile?  Whether you consider yourself one or not, chances are that if you love music, you can appreciate what great sound is when listening to it in your Highland Park home. 

Music can transport us, invoking emotions, memories, and feelings in a way that few other experiences can.  We go listen to live music because that experience is immersive and memorable, even if you have heard all the music many times before. 

While some say that live music is much better than listening to a recording, we beg to differ.  Both are great but in different ways. 

On the best recordings, artists, producers, and recording engineers have the luxury of mixing and recording tracks until they achieve the result they envision; in a live performance, they have one shot to make it sound right.  With a great recording, you can listen to that perfect track over and over; it will always sound the same as you expect. That is, if your home audio system is up to the task. 

Of course, there is a vast array of audio equipment for listening to recordings.  But in this blog, we want to focus on some of the finest components you can get in your home, the kind that brings your favorite recordings to life. 

Since the advent of the CD – the start of the digital era for recorded music – music has become far more portable and convenient, and easy to consume anywhere. With music streaming over the Internet, music is as easy to access as starting an app on a smartphone.  Somewhat lost in that convenient experience has been a focus on sound quality and the experience.

McIntosh Audio has never lost sight of the aural experience of music. This American audio company has been making handcrafted hi-fi audio equipment since 1949. The products have always been known for their distinctive front panels with classic analog power meters, rock-solid build construction, and incredible longevity. 

Collectors still prize vintage McIntosh tube amplifiers and other components.  However, McIntosh makes an extensive line of products today that uphold their tradition of impeccable quality.  You don’t have to sacrifice the digital convenience of streaming music either to enjoy elevated sound quality.

If you are looking for a serious quality upgrade your home audio system, read on to learn more about how McIntosh will transform your listening experience. 


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The McIntosh MS 500 Music Streamer

As we mentioned, and you already know, music streaming is enormously popular.  But the sound quality from some services can vary.  Fortunately, major music streaming services like Spotify and Tidal have been offering higher tiers of service with higher quality encoding for better audio quality.  Tidal offers lossless, CD-quality streaming for over 35 million tracks of music. 

Major high-end audio vendors know that audiophiles want the convenience of streaming – as well as their own purchased digital music from CDs or the Internet – but with the type of sound quality they’re used to from high-end CD players and turntables.  That’s what the MS500 music streamer is all about. The MS500 includes built-in support for services like Pandora, Spotify, and Tidal. It also has a silent, fast 500GB solid-state drive to store your personal music collection.  USB ports allow for even more expansion with flash drives or hard drives filled with music, including high-resolution recordings. 

One interesting feature of the MS500 is its ability to synchronize your music collection with your storage on Amazon Cloud, Apple’s iCloud, or Google Drive.  That way you could have access to the same music library on another MS500 in your second home – like your mountain getaway in Vail.  The player is also compatible with home automation systems, so it is a snap to integrate into your existing installation.  Like all McIntosh products, it is built to exacting standards.  An example of that is the isolation of internal components to ensure that nothing interferes with the quality of the music signal.  Of course, the MS500 features the convenience of control from a smartphone or tablet app as well. 

The McIntosh MAC6700 Receiver

McIntosh is known for separate components, like superbly quiet (low noise) preamplifiers and powerful amplifiers that can drive the most demanding speakers.  But keeping with today’s themes of marrying quality with convenience, the company has begun building receivers again, its first since the early 1990s.  These are not just any receivers; they are true components worthy of the McIntosh name and made for high-end stereo audio.  The MAC6700 stereo packs 200 watts per channel, a 32bit, 192hz DAC, and enough inputs for all your analog and digital sources – like the MS500.  Not ignoring your record collection, it features not one, but two phono inputs for turntables; supporting both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges.  The MAC6700 weighs 76 pounds, which should supply some idea of the build quality that goes into this serious hi-fi component. 

Are you ready for a McIntosh home audio system that will move you every day?  Just fill out our online contact form, or click below to instantly connect with one of our audio experts.