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How to Keep Your Yard Green

Smart Home Automation Makes Outdoor Spaces Beautiful and Eco-Friendly

How to Keep Your Yard Green

As the Texas summer heat hits its stride, it might be more and more difficult to keep your yard looking good. Smart home automation may have the answer to keeping your outdoor spaces looking good while staying eco-conscious. From watering your lawn to lighting your yard and patio for nighttime use, smart devices make it simple to enjoy the summer months in your Dallas area home. To learn more, continue reading 

Smart Yard Care

It’s challenging to keep your Texas yard green and lush. To counteract the heat while conserving as much water as possible, consider a smart irrigation system. If you have an irrigation system already built into your yard, then you can add smart controls retroactively. These systems can track how much water your yard needs and turn on your sprinklers at the appropriate time. Whether you’re on vacation or at home, you won’t have to worry about the changing weather patterns and over or under watering your yard.

You can integrate your irrigation system into your existing smart home automation system or incorporate it into your new model. That way, you can access controls via your smartphone or tablet on the same platform as your other systems.


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Outdoor Lighting

Lighting control systems make it simple to create the right ambiance and mood for any space--shouldn’t that include the outdoors? If you want to enjoy those warm summer evenings in comfort, consider outdoor lighting solutions. By incorporating solar sensors on your outdoor lights, they can track the progress of the sun. Therefore, the outdoor lights will provide the right amount of light at the right amount of time. You can sit and chat on your patio as the sun sets and your lights will automatically adjust to create just the right outdoor scene. That way, you’re not wasting energy, and you can remain comfortable.

Outdoor Shading

Speaking of summer nights in Texas, how do you prevent bugs and mosquitoes from interrupting your evening barbecue or relaxation time? Outdoor motorized shades could hold the answer. Find a model designed to protect you and your family from bugs and install them around your patio areas. That way, if you notice any little nuisances, just press one button, and a protective shield will surround you.

Glares can also be a huge issue during the summer. Maybe you’re settling down to an outdoor dinner, just as the sun’s angles are getting more acute. To prevent glares, consider outdoor shades with solar protection. You can even utilize solar sensors to track the sun and lower these shades at just the right moment. These shades can also help prevent glares from impacting your enjoyment of any outdoor entertainment equipment--like televisions.

For better outdoor spaces--from lush yards to increased comfort--smart home automation has the answers. To learn more about these and other outdoor solutions, contact Crown Audio Video today.