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How to Integrate Whole Home Audio with Design

Interior Designers: Take Note of These Four Hidden Speaker Options

How to Integrate Whole Home Audio with Design

One of the biggest challenges of interior design is balancing the needs of the homeowner with aesthetics. With the growing popularity of whole home audio systems across the country and right here in Prosper, TX, this can mean incorporating a lot of audio equipment into a design plan. One option that can make the task simple are hidden speakers. By working with a professional audio installer like Crown Audio Video, you can preserve your design preferences while providing the homeowner with a high-quality sound system. To learn more about four different types of hidden speakers, continue reading. 

In-Wall Speakers

One of our favorite ways to hide the speakers in a whole home audio system is in the walls. By installing the speakers directly into the walls and hiding them behind a piece of drywall, the equipment becomes totally invisible. You, as the designer, can then cover the speakers in whatever paint color or wallpaper you choose.

As the audio installation team, we can map out where these speakers should go for optimal sonic performance. But, wherever that is, these speakers shouldn’t interfere with your design preferences in the least. 

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In-Ceiling Speakers

Another option is to hide your speakers in the ceiling. These models typically look like small grates and come in many shapes and colors. By placing them in the ceiling, the speakers remain out of the sightline.

To achieve the best sound possible, we often suggest a combination of speakers in the ceiling and in the wall. That way, the homeowner can have a surround sound experience in their living room or bedroom the next time they want to relax with a movie or television show.

Speakers Behind Artwork

If you plan on covering the walls with a plethora of artwork as part of the design, consider making some of these pieces functional. Art speakers are very small and covered with a thin fabric that can be painted on. It will look like any other canvas, and can often come with custom artwork that is either a print or unique piece. They can even come with photos, so you can help the homeowner display their cherished memories while improving their sound system.

Speakers in Landscaping

In a whole home audio system, we can’t forget the outdoors. If you are helping the homeowner develop a stylish patio area, then take note. So that the audio equipment isn’t interfering with your design, we think it’s best to use the elements at hand. For instance, you can hide speakers within the landscaping. Subwoofers can be buried below ground, leaving only a small speaker above ground that sits behind a plant. Or use pots on the patio to hide the speaker.


Hidden speakers help bridge the gap between style and performance. You are able to maintain your design while working with the homeowner’s entertainment needs. Contact Crown Audio Video today to learn more about these techniques and learn a few more.